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We're here to tackle one of the most searched-for topics in the adult industry: Anal Pleasure.
Whether it's to get tips & tricks to dive into anal, to know how we manage these scenes in porn productions, to dispel myths, or to understand anal pleasure from different perspectives... Ask us anything!
We also invite you to watch two of our top movies that feature anal scenes for free so they may inspire you to ask any questions that come up:
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Kon-Tiki66608 karma

Why do so many anal scenes (appear at least) to be lube-less? Why not make it as easy as possible?

Erika_Lust652 karma

Hi u/Kon-Tiki66! We always have different kinds of lube on set and leave it to the performers to choose how they want to lubricate for the scenes

nccum4r590 karma

Porn is heavily edited. It is there to sell a fantasy, not mirror reality.

Erika_Lust516 karma

u/nccum4r you got that right

edk320329 karma

Can you contact my wife and explain how anal can be life changing?

Erika_Lust326 karma

Maybe you can go through this guide together and get started!

readerbore275 karma

Hi Erika and Casey!

May I ask if people ever do a double take when they see you doing everyday normal activities like going to get groceries at the market?

Always wondered what it’s like to be in the industry and if being recognized is a frequent occurrence. Thanks!

Erika_Lust316 karma

Hi u/readerbore!! It actually happens quite often and even though it seems a bit weird it's also very flattering. The other day, for example, I was on holiday in Seville and a person stopped me in the street and asked me if I was Erika Lust!! It's pretty satisfying to know ethical produced films are known on some level

Nicholie110 karma

Favorite anal scene you’ve each done?

Erika_Lust181 karma

u/Nicholie my favorite movie I directed that features anal sex is My Ass, (the one we're offering for free in the description) because it focuses on the woman's perspective. I learned so much with the process and what it really means to connect with the body in order to truly enjoy pleasure

Assmanfan109 karma

Why can't there be more, longer, and closer lesbian ass licking action nowadays? It's all I want and it is so rare to find that kind of action :)

Erika_Lust189 karma

Sounds fun. Why don't you write your personal XConfessions and send it to us so we can maybe turn it into a movie?? Here's the link to do so. Can't wait to read your xconfession

SlowRollingBoil24 karma

When it comes to the personal confessions, can you give an idea of the chances that it'll be picked up and moved to production? I figured if I threw in even really good ideas it'd fall amongst thousands of others with very little chance. Can you give an idea of the actual chance?

Erika_Lust44 karma

hi u/SlowRollingBoil! Our team reviews each submission, which goes through a first screening that takes into account various factors, such as the overall theme of the xconfession and its originality, the story quality, and the production feasibility. After that, we review those that meet the requirements and decide based on what we are most excited about creating and what we think our audience will want to see the most

alternative_drinks82 karma

Why is the first insertion often cut out? Here are whole subreddits based on the first moments of sex but in your movies it seems to be left out quite often?

Erika_Lust128 karma

Hi u/alternative_drinks, thanks for your question! The decision to sometimes omit the first insertion is based on various factors, including storytelling, aesthetics, and the focus of our films. Since our aim is to create unique and beautiful cinematic experiences, our post-production team sometimes cuts certain parts from the sex scenes.

That being said,we also have educational content where we show the whole experience in order for people to learn rather than be entertained. An example of this is our Sex School series, one of the episodes actually focuses on anal.

TopSquare614169 karma

What do you think makes anal sex so appealing, particularly for men? Is it because it’s taboo? Because it may be less common and therefore an allows for the “taking” of some version of virginity? Is it because being the “bottom” is a submissive act and makes men feel powerful as the “top”? Something else?

Erika_Lust102 karma

What do you think makes anal sex so appealing, particularly for men? Is it because it’s taboo? Because it may be less common and therefore an allows for the “taking” of some version of virginity? Is it because being the “bottom” is a submissive act and makes men feel powerful as the “top”? Something else?

Hi u/TopSquare6141Firstly, thanks for this. Taboo and societal perception certainly play a role. The "forbidden" nature of anal sex can add an element of excitement and exploration for some individuals. Breaking societal norms and engaging in acts considered taboo can create a sense of thrill and liberation. For sure, some men have sexist perceptions about anal and about many other sexual practices.
Additionally, the novelty and unique sensations associated with anal play can be alluring. Exploring new erogenous zones and different types of pleasure can enhance sexual experiences and deepen intimacy.
The power dynamics you mentioned, such as feeling dominant as the "top" or submissive as the "bottom," can also be a factor for some individuals. Engaging in different roles and power dynamics can add depth, variety, and excitement to sexual encounters.

NippleSalsa48 karma

I want to pleasure every part of the body that can be pleasured. What's the point of having all those nerve endings if they can't be stimulated pleasurably?

Erika_Lust32 karma


recklessprofessional34 karma

Thank you for your ethics focused productions and for this AMA! Question: sexual education seems on the cutting edge of its potential with the opportunities of the internet and voices such as yourselves, but we also see a strong push back in conservative thought of society's sexyal depravity in terms beyond lgbtq aspects and centering on promiscuity and specifically the normalization of anal sex. Is anal still a taboo frontier or is its normalization in pleasure and play why the reactionary push back from societal forces seeking to control sexual pursuits? Sorry if that's bit much, just had lots of coffee!

Erika_Lust50 karma

hi u/recklessprofessional thanks so much for your question and kind words!!! True, anal sex has historically been considered a taboo topic, often misunderstood or stigmatized due to cultural, religious, or societal factors.

This pushback could be attributed to ingrained beliefs about sexual morality and a fear of deviating from traditional norms. Society's efforts to control and regulate sexual pursuits, including the desire to restrict the normalization of anal sex, can stem from these deep-seated beliefs.
That being said, it is crucial to challenge these notions and promote open-mindedness in discussing and understanding different forms of pleasure and sexual expression.

Normalizing anal sex involves education, consent, and the recognition that it can be enjoyed safely and consensually by individuals of all genders and sexual orientations.
In our case, working with guest directors has helped us a lot in diversifying our content and giving voice to different perspectives

alpha33058 karma

Are porn projects operated similarly as consulting services such as HR, project managers, art designers? How do you get into the operational side of this industry?

Erika_Lust13 karma

hi u/alpha3305!! Our company structure is very similar to that of other film companies with more or less the same departments. However, in our case, understanding legal and ethical considerations specific to the adult entertainment industry is key. We also experience day-to-day limitations due to the nature of our sector, so we definitely operate quite differently in certain aspects and processes.

DespairTraveler8 karma

Hello there! It's refreshing to see directors who do at least some story in their porn movies. Feature films are rare nowadays. A question - why do directors in porn overwhelmingly prefer for there to be no background music during the sex scenes? There is music in intro and then it just stops as the action starts. A slight athmospheric music adds so much to the immersion in action.

Erika_Lust20 karma

why do directors in porn overwhelmingly prefer for there to be no background music during the sex scenes? There is music in intro and then it just stops as the action starts. A slight athmospheric music adds so much to the immersion in action.

hi u/DespairTraveler, thanks for your question! In our case, it depends on the movie, but when we do stop the music at some point when the sex scene begins, it's usually because then you get to fully focus on the sensations, capturing the natural sounds and intimate moments between performers.

leviathynx6 karma

Hi Erika. I know you write and direct, but do you ever perform?

Erika_Lust6 karma

Hi u/leviathynx! I've never performed in an adult film, and even though I sometimes have to be in front of the camera to talk about the work we do, I don't particularly enjoy it and prefer to remain behind the scenes.

itsneversunnyinvan5 karma

Sorry it’s not about butt stuff, but why do you think there’s such a stigma about paying for porn? I was reading a thread about onlyfans earlier and the replies were kind of appalling

Erika_Lust18 karma

Hi u/itsneversunnyinvan! There's stigma around everything surrounding our industry. The truth about paying for porn is that, by doing so, you're giving value to the performers and supporting the team behind the productions

DebateHefty39652 karma

Hi Casey & Erika, Did you do " takes" in-between to clean up for hygiene because there was anal-vaginal, oral-anal- vaginal-oral no condom used etc.. What is the best practice for hygiene? Should the man wash his cock after anal, then start back again for vaginal or oral? This would make sense to me but could kill the flow.

Erika_Lust4 karma

Hi u/DebateHefty3965! To ensure hygiene during anal play and avoid potential bacterial transfer, performers wash their hands and genital area thoroughly before engaging in the activity. Once the contact with anal has begun, it's also vital to wash the penis, mouth, or toy before contacting the vagina because the bacteria exchange can cause illnesses such as vaginitis. If you're using condoms, we also advise that the condom be changed to avoid cross-contamination.

This is why, in our shoots, we either take a small break to give them a moment to wash up, or once they go to anal, they stay there for the rest of the scene.

[deleted]-14 karma


Erika_Lust1 karma

Hey u/DraxonNL definitely not! In this AMA we're focusing on anal pleasure, but if you like you can go to our platform and check out all our different categories

asscookie-22 karma

As a big fan of anal (receiving, male) with toys, I still haven’t managed to convince my girlfriend to try pegging, even though she has received a few times and enjoyed it. Is she just selfish?

Erika_Lust2 karma

Maybe she's hesitant that she might not enjoy it. Preferences and behaviors can vary greatly among individuals, so it's only normal. However, if it's important to you, I suggest having an honest conversation and encouraging her to at least give it a try.

One way to start could be to watch some of our films that include pretty hot pegging scenes together. This could spike her interest since they focus on equal pleasure.

Also, leaving here a guide to pegging which may also help if you decide to give it a go :)