Starting at 4:30pm EST, today, 12/1/23, I'll be around for at least an hour to answer questions! I am an internationally renowned musician/comedian/writer who starred as the band leader on CBS’s The Late Late Show with James Corden and IFC’s Comedy BangBang!. I use my voice and looping pedals to create my shows, including multiplespecials and appearances across platforms such as Comedy Central and Netflix. I just published a memoir about growing up in Great Falls, Montana, and all the chaos of being a post-punk misfit finding my voice.Questions welcomed on all topics. More information on the book here:


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bedfashion29 karma

What’s the stress level like running the house band for a late night show? How did you decide you wanted to take the gig?

prhauthors45 karma

Stress level is pretty low. In the beginning it took some getting used to, but it quickly leveled out. I took the gig because they allowed me to do whatever I needed to do for the job.

inthesandtrap19 karma

Holy shit! I loved your old band Maktub - well, still do. I was in Portland in 2002-ish in a dark bar and heard you guys play No Quarter. Instant fan!

Do you miss being on the road with a band? I certainly miss seeing you at High Sierra and The Independent.

Also, thanks for the 'Tram Heavy Black Frame' recommendation from your last AMA. You're right. Perfect baby making music.

prhauthors15 karma

I loved being in bands, but I don’t necessarily miss it. It’s a lot of work but very rewarding.

Elshupacabra17 karma

You did a performance of a song called Information on CONAN with the Dance Cartel once and it was one of my favorite songs of all time. It’s not on YouTube anymore and I need to listen to it. Can you bring it back?

prhauthors22 karma

I’ll ask the Kohn team. I think the song was called information

9lbmoustache16 karma

Mr. Watts, in the past I’ve asked plenty of people (from scientists to actors, musicians to pornstars) whether a hotdog was technically a sandwich. But as a got a older in my years, I’ve come to terms with my youthful arrogance and I think I’ve got a new and improved question that deserves the right answer:

Is a hotdog a taco?

prhauthors26 karma

Yes, a hotdog is a type of taco

DoctorBlazes9 karma

How did you enjoy Jeopardy?

prhauthors18 karma

I had a really good time on Jeopardy. I wish that I had a less hyper coplayer but it was really fun.

avidreader2258 karma

Hi Reggie! Thank you for doing this AMA. Now that your memoir is out, what has been the most surprising response you've had from readers? What part of your story was hardest to dive into in the book?

prhauthors17 karma

Not really a surprise, but definitely a comfort is that people really resonate with being an outsider. I guess many people have always seen themselves as such. Maybe talking about my mother, was the most difficult part her death.

CokeHeadRob5 karma

What sources do you draw from for inspiration for all of your wacky shit? Everything I've seen has always seemed pretty out there in a sorta uncommon way. Hard to put my finger on it but not many do it like you, maybe it's just a more refined level of chaos.

Also, story time, your vide for Fuck Shit Stack blew me away when I was a wee lad. Had dozed off watching something on Adult Swim and woke up to that beautiful monstrosity of a video/song. My mind didn't know what to think of it, thought I was dreaming. And since I wasn't super familiar with The Internet™ I could never find it again and assumed it was a dream until much later in my life. But that was a pivotal moment in my development, I think I can trace all my interest in the weird and wacky back to that moment. So thank you.

And the mods say I can ask for more proof so can we get like a back of the knee shot to really confirm?

prhauthors4 karma

Ha ha yes, it really is me!

Maddie_OnTheFarm5 karma

Hey Reggie! What's your favorite way to hit the mental reset button and find new inspiration when you're not feeling particularly creative?

prhauthors13 karma

I usually just play video games take a walk or take a nap. Then I might have a feel free for some boost inspiration.

projectvko5 karma

Is Cibo Matto the most amazing band on the planet?

prhauthors9 karma

One of the best

HawterSkhot4 karma

Are you also surprised at websites running with your comments about Tool? Because as a Tool fan, you didn't even say anything rude.

But my real question: where are you on the call sheet?

prhauthors3 karma

Yeah, I don’t think I said anything terrible about tool. It was just a personal experience. How do you mean the call sheet?

solitudeisdiss4 karma

What music are you currently digging into and enjoying lately ? Also what do you think of sandwich?

prhauthors9 karma

Really loving, visible cloaks. It’s ambient music but it’s just brilliant.

Howre-Ya-Now3 karma

What's the first thing you bought after you felt you "made it" in the industry?

prhauthors15 karma

A really nice stereo

jalapenny3 karma

What does the experience of joy feel like to you?

prhauthors5 karma

It feels Automatik with no effort at all!

juanjon2 karma

How does one go about getting a loaner 911 from Porsche?

prhauthors7 karma

Just contact Porsche and see if they’ll do it!

telecasterpignose2 karma

What’s your preferred handgun?

prhauthors20 karma

Sig P 226

telecasterpignose-4 karma

Was expecting a Glock but I understand some people are wrong

prhauthors20 karma



Both great options one a bit more groovy