Hey Everyone, this is Steve-O (Here's a photo for proof: https://postimg.cc/VS4Yn7tm). If you don't know about me, I was on an MTV show called Jackass over twenty years ago and, somehow, it was still a thing twenty years later. I identify as an all-around entertainer, I love animals (hence, my Reddit handle is "StreetDogLover") and have plans to open an animal sanctuary with my fiancee on a property we just bought in Tennessee. I recently finished touring the world with a truly insane multi-media comedy show called "Steve-O's Bucket List", and I'm thrilled to let you all know that the show is streaming now for a limited time at steveo.com. I think that covers it, now, let's fuckin' go!!! YEAH DUDE!!!

THANKS, EVERYONE! After more than five hours, I'm calling it a day! Please upvote and share this AMA on other subs and/or any other way that works! Also, please do enjoy my new Bucket List special. Until next time! WOOHOO!!!

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dbowiegirl1031 karma

What’s the hardest part of staying sober for you? Amazing watching you thrive!

StreetDogLover2191 karma

I'd say that the hardest thing is when I smell weed. That's because:

  1. I love the smell and, frankly, I love weed.
  2. When I'm breathing it in, the drug is technically entering my body, and that is upsetting.

PM_Donkey_Dick_Colas686 karma

Steve-O, do you ever think about what a strange place you occupy in our culture? Speaking in broad generalizations, vegans who help animals and people who launch bottle rockets out of their butts don't tend to be the same people. It's like you don't give a fuck while also caring a whole lot. I've probably learned more about animals from a guy who drank Preston Lacey's sweat than any teacher, and that's just so surreal to me. You're like Captain Planet, covered in shit from a port-a-potty, off to save the world. I know it might sound dumb, but it had an impact on my teenage mind. Before you came along, it seemed like you couldn't make the world better without being a buzzkill. I think you showed a lot of people that isn't true. In fact, you can totally fucking rock and be a helper. Sincerely, thank you and fuck yeah, dude, you rock.

StreetDogLover345 karma

Thanks so much for this!

Xymis679 karma

How’s Bam and do you think this time he’ll be solid?

StreetDogLover1963 karma

He sure seems to be doing better than he has in years, and I'm thrilled about that. I've lost touch with him, though, so I keep up with him these days indirectly from what I see on the Internet, just like everyone else. I only want for him to be happy and healthy, and I'm rooting for him from afar.

Razvee645 karma

What's something you've turned down that would surprise your fans?

StreetDogLover1667 karma

I turned down $100,000 for promoting a product I don't believe in.

triforcin578 karma

What is your most “old man/healthy” habit at this point in your life?

StreetDogLover1883 karma

I've maintained an average of more than forty minutes of meditation every single day since Dec 27, 2019. Creeping up on four years!

burnshimself572 karma

Hey dude I saw you attending a comedy show in New York recently (I won’t say where or when specifically to maintain some privacy) and it made me think - how do you feel about fan interactions in public places? I may have done a double take given I was surprised to see you, but felt like the right thing to do was to not impose by approaching you. You’re a very recognizable guy so I’m sure it happens to you often.

StreetDogLover1278 karma

It would have been fine to approach me. I'm generally really good about it. The only problem is that too many interactions can wear me out at a certain point, and then it becomes difficult to be joyful about it (sadly, I almost invariably become short/grumpy when that happens). That doesn't mean anyone shouldn't approach me, though! Thanks!

NeverMindTheTalent456 karma

How are your animal sanctuary plans going?

StreetDogLover1127 karma

We bought the property, and have our first farm animal on it (a pig named "Lulu"). We're headed out there on Weds to start setting things up, but that will be a long, gradual process.

another_jackhole434 karma

I am an addict and alcoholic. what's the best advice you can give me? I'm not a social person. I love you bro.

StreetDogLover910 karma

I think the best advice is to expand your comfort zone by spending time with sober alcoholics. I say that because it's pretty clear that alcoholics can't recover alone.

chimpdoctor385 karma

Steve-o I just wanted to say my favourite thing you ever did was wild boyz with Chris pontius. I miss the shit out of seeing the two of you having the time of your life together. Your friendship is so pure. Do you miss hanging with pontius?

StreetDogLover503 karma

I still have a great relationship with Chris. Whenever we get together, we both appreciate it immensely.

shortkid68379 karma

What happened to your leg?

StreetDogLover516 karma

I had surgery on my left knee for a partially torn meniscus.

8urfiat362 karma

If you were in a literal food fight to the death, what food would you choose as your weapon?

StreetDogLover808 karma

My first guess is snow crabs.

LazyEights353 karma

You've been famously sober for 14 16 years now after having struggled with severe addiction.

  • Some people say you never stop being an addict. Do you agree? Do you still feel like you struggle with addiction today?
  • What advice do you have for people struggling with the choice to stay sober today? How do you turn one week sober into one year, into 14 16 years?

And on a lighter note, what's your favorite holiday movie?

StreetDogLover994 karma

I'm actually coming up on 16 years (my sobriety date is March 10, 2008). Not only do I agree that you never stop being a addict/alcoholic, I genuinely relate to the saying, "I never suffered from alcoholism until I got sober". The good news is that any other disease leaves you no hope but to return to as healthy as you were before you got sick, but for us... when we treat our disease, we become better versions of ourselves than we ever were before. That's a big ass deal. My advice would be to stop framing it as a "choice to stay sober", and start framing it as a "choice to stop blowing it". I don't think I have a favorite holiday movie, unless you want to count "Steve-O's Bucket List" at steveo.com! Woohoo!!! In all seriousness, though, I wish the the best in recovery, I feel strongly that it could not be more worth it to follow the path.

heidismiles352 karma

Thanks for doing an AMA!

What's the greatest praise you've ever received for your work?

StreetDogLover991 karma

When I meet people and they say, "Thanks for all the laughs", I always say, "Thanks for laughing". I don't want to undermine wonderful things that have been said, but I consider laughter to be the gold standard for praise.

AndyValentine284 karma

Just wanted to say that you were a huge inspiration for me getting (and staying) sober. I figured "if this maniac can do it and still be cool as fuck, I can too", so thanks for that, fucker.

My question is, what old grainy stunt do you wish had been captured in modern super slow mo 4k?

StreetDogLover399 karma

Ooohhh, what a fun question! My first thought is to wish that the worst slam I ever took had been captured on video at all-- the faceplant on concrete off the second floor balcony in 1995, where I broke my cheekbone, seven teeth, my wrist, and had ten stitches in my chin. Candidly, it may be better that nobody ever had to see footage of that, but I can't help wishing it existed. Really great question, thank you!

BatM6tt273 karma

Hows life Steve O?

StreetDogLover1558 karma

I have a group of men who I meet with regularly, so that we can all talk about our feelings (really), and at our last meeting, I told them that I feel I would be hard-pressed to think of ways my life could be much better, but I have an incredible ability to constantly be full of anxiety and stress, and that I can imagine my life ending with me thinking, "why couldn't I have just relaxed a little bit and enjoyed myself?" I've spent a lot of time thinking about this, and I've come to accept that my constant state of anxiety, stress, and fear is useful for me... because it keeps me working hard and remaining productive. So my answer is, "life is uncomfortable, but that's OK". Thanks for asking!

jabber_OW260 karma

You guest starred on the first show I ever PA'd on and you were super cool and kind to me and the crew.

How do you do it all AND be an excellent person?

StreetDogLover294 karma

It really means a lot to me to see comments like this, thank you!

Fly_Schwurst194 karma

What is a life lesson you learned pretty late in your life?

StreetDogLover573 karma

Floss your teeth!!!

Technical-Split3642190 karma

What's the best piece of advice you've ever been given?

StreetDogLover804 karma

My dad raised me with the motto of "always under-promise, and over-deliver". I don't think there's a lot of advice that can beat those words.

xHangfirex180 karma

Would you do it all again?

StreetDogLover872 karma

The Back To The Future movies taught me to be careful about altering the "space/time continuum", so I feel pretty strongly that I would have to, because I'm pretty happy with who I've become and where I'm at in my life.

slykido999179 karma

Hey Steve-O! My husband and I have re-watched a lot of the Wild Boyz recently, and you went to a lot of really cool places!

What was your favorite location you got to travel to during your career, and what was your favorite animal you got to interact with?

StreetDogLover311 karma

I view the Wildboyz experience as having been a "numbers game". We wanted to go everywhere, so the favorite place was always the "next" place. I think I can honestly say that, even back then, my favorite thing was always to come home. All of that travel always made me feel grateful for living in the USA. Lastly, my favorite animal is Wendy from Peru-- I know she didn't have anything to do with Wildboyz, but no experience I ever had with Wildboyz comes close to the way I feel about Wendy.

sexwaxbliss155 karma

Nice to see you doing well!

Will your animal sanctuary sell postcards? I'd love one from you!


StreetDogLover193 karma

That sounds like a great idea! Thank you!

SadieMarie2327155 karma

Hey Steve-O!

Quick question from a 29 year old female here:

What advice do you give to someone who feels so far behind on life (compared to everyone else)? All of my friends and peers my age are getting married, having kids, and are setting up their lives... I'm afraid to wake up someday and be the 50-year-old single woman whose whole life is consumed around her job.

Any advice about life would be AMAZING... Thank you!

StreetDogLover576 karma

I don't want to throw any shade on your friends... but... if/when they start getting divorced, having crises with their kids, and/or trying to pick up the pieces of the lives they set up which went on to all apart, then I imagine you'll be feeling pretty good about your decisions. I say all of that because comparing ourselves to others can be very counterproductive. What I'm sensitive to is the idea of life being consumed by one's job. If you're not passionate about your work, that could be a problem. Perhaps the answer is to find your passion, as that will enrich your life, and might bring out the qualities in you which will attract a healthy long-term relationship/life partner.

echoshizzle122 karma

What’s your favorite song?

StreetDogLover400 karma

That's kind of like asking "what's your favorite food?", and the answer will change with moods... for this moment, though, I'm going to say "Throwing Stones" by the Grateful Dead.

One-headlight4184 karma

What's one rule you live by every day?

Edit: typo

StreetDogLover237 karma

Tell the truth.

DoctorBlazes74 karma

What stunt would you love to try again?

StreetDogLover243 karma

I bought a Smart car to crash it into a wall, so I could make sure the airbags worked. They definitely worked, but the seat was scooted all the way back, so the airbag didn't get a chance to break my nose. I don't know that I'm going to "love" trying it again, but that's going to need to be re-done.

WPIRiggles72 karma

Your dog Wendy seems so perfect! Please tell me she has one weird quirk, she seems too good to be true! What's her weird quirk?

StreetDogLover129 karma

She doesn't give kisses!

K4ntum67 karma

Holy shit, how did I catch this this early.

I have just a couple questions :

1) Do you ever deal with imposter syndrome? I don't know how to ask this without sounding like it's a dig at you, but it's common issue for a lot of people, me included. I wonder if it's something you dealt/deal with especially since people probably see you as "that guy" from two decades ago.

2) Are you still trying to work on your vocal cords? I saw a video of you working with someone to figure out if you can get your regular voice back, curious to know if that went anywhere (should mention this is just curiosity, your voice is iconic regardless).

3) Favorite podcast host you've been a guest of? Like the most fun you've had talking to someone?

Thanks a lot! Huge fan man, watched wayyy too much Wild Ride lately lol.

StreetDogLover143 karma

  1. When we were kids, my sister did everything right, got straight As, and was never in trouble... I did the exact opposite of all that, and all of these decades later, I've somehow emerged with all of this good fortune. It feels like imposter syndrome to believe that I don't deserve to have such a good life, when I wasn't a good kid.
  2. I tried to work on using my voice correctly, and I just couldn't stick with it. Candidly, it was mostly just for that video that I even tried it in the first place.
  3. There have been many really great podcasts I got to be on... I want to name a particularly awesome example of one here, too... I think I'm going to go with my very first appearance on Mike Tyson's "Hotboxin".

scoobyMcdoobyfry66 karma

Have Walkers responded yet regarding the inconsistent seasoning of Pickled Onion monster munch? Have you tried McCoy's Thai sweet chicken crisps? They're veggie btw

StreetDogLover86 karma

I have not heard from Walkers, and I'd forgotten about giving them such public feedback! I sure hope they received it and address my concerns!

Newschbury63 karma

Yo Steve-o!

I really like the podcast! I think the guest diversity is outstanding (the Woz interview is my favorite - it makes me happy to know he's a Jackass fan) and I appreciate the willingness to talk about addiction. I sincerely believe you could replace Jimmy Kimmel or Jimmy Fallon one of these days.

Can we make guest requests? I know you've name dropped John Stewart, Stephen Colbert, and Angela White in the past. How do we make that happen?!

I would love to hear more from the Jackass production crew, the bands featured in the movies/TV shows soundtracks, anything from the conservation world (like former SeaWorld trainers or Blackfish production staff), stand-up comedians, and of course anything on addiction and mental health.

StreetDogLover92 karma

Thanks so much! We really care about the booking process, and try to be as selective as possible. If we could get Jon Stewart or Stephen Colbert, believe me, we would! Again, thank you for the kind words...

pestilentlion066656 karma

Did you ever get around to listening to Danny Brown?

StreetDogLover144 karma

I don't listen to interviews after they are recorded, but I can say that I genuinely regret the way I handle the subject of video games in that podcast. I made no sense, and came off as a real douche. It was not a good look. I really liked Danny Brown, though!

31ephantintheroom52 karma


I've watched a ton of episodes, thank you for the entertainment. I've heard that you try to stray away from leaning into addiction issues but have of course addressed them when the subject arises. How you were able to pin point which of the 12 steps Modsun should've focused on was brilliant. Why not lean into the area that you seem to be an expert in? You've certainly helped me and we know there are a ton of stories to be shared to help spread awareness.

StreetDogLover136 karma

I never shy away from the topic of recovery when it comes up organically, but I avoid going into situations in which the primary purpose is to speaking about recovery in the media.

oaschgrompm52 karma

I ask you this as a fan who has been subbed to your channel for half a decade or so, but I want to ask you about these 2 things which really bothered me:

  1. Why do you keep hawking prescription drugs as something "fun"? Bluechew is prescription medication to treat patients with erectile dysfunction. I think it's rather irresponsible how you portray it as something fun without ever mentioning that these are medical drugs with potential side effects that require a prescription.

And since you talk so much about how much Lux likes it when you take one, that must mean that either you have erectile dysfunction, or that you lied to get access to them (or otherwise procured these prescription drugs without a valid prescription). Which is it?

  1. Recreating the goldfish stunt seems rather gross. Not on a typical "jackass doing gross stuff" level, but rather since you like to portray yourself as an animal lover. It seems rather hypocritical on that level - and that your self-admitted attention whoring is more important to you. That goldfish looked like it could have been dead already and was just weighted down, but if that was the case you chose to not be transparent about that. Was it? Was that even a real goldfish?

StreetDogLover380 karma

I'm not here to dodge tough questions, so, let me address:

  1. I'm not a doctor, and Lux and I have fun when I take Blue Chew tablets. I've also never promoted Blue Chew without being very clear that you can't get them without consulting a medical professional. I hope that helps.
  2. I do love animals and, while I was a hardcore vegan for many years, I've re-introduced seafood into my diet-- because I think it's good for me. It's as simple as this-- I eat seafood. Not to mention, that goldfish does not have a complex nervous system.

I respect your concerns, though, and acknowledge they are valid. I remain OK with my actions, though. Thanks!

ackchanticleer51 karma

Are Tremaine and Knoxville best friends? I get the vibe that they are. Also, whats with Knoxville's apparent uniform fetish??

StreetDogLover105 karma

I don't know if Tremaine and Knoxville are best friends, but the respect they have for each other is as genuine as it gets, and their professional relationship speaks for itself. I don't know what's up with the uniforms, but they work for the Captain!

pestilentlion066645 karma

How would you summarize your experience on The Adam Friedland Show?

StreetDogLover61 karma

As far as promoting what I was there to promote, I would rank it low on a scale of effectiveness... I'm not mad at that, but I really wish I wouldn't have let them force me to discuss some stuff I didn't care to get into, because it was properly annoying to see that take on a life of it's own. No hard feelings, though, I'm a big boy, and I have nobody to be annoyed with but myself.

SuperbPhilosopher60741 karma

hi steveo! i’m 16 and i’ve been a fan ever since i was a little kid! i love all ur work dude ur so amazing. it’s been a bit rough lately and i was wondering how u deal w/ suicidal ideation and how u keep that type of thing at bay ya know? and a bit of a lighter question is how did u get into stand up and if u have any tips for people wanting to get into stand up? 🕺

StreetDogLover105 karma

Thank you for the kind words. Let me preface this response by emphasizing that I am not a doctor... with that said, it breaks my heart to learn of someone so young dealing with this. I'm particularly sensitive to it, because I've struggled with suicidal depression at times, myself. Again, I'm not a doctor, but I was referred to a psychiatrist who prescribes me an "SSRI" drug called "Zoloft", and it has helped me a ton. Please consider seeing a psychiatrist yourself. Lastly, my advice for anyone who wants to do anything is always to "start doing it". Be careful to welcome guidance from people who can help you make sure that you don't start out learning bad habits, but also, don't wait. Start doing it. I wish you the best, seriously, please take care of yourself. And thanks again.

donotmatthews38 karma

What is your favorite memory of your time as a clown?

StreetDogLover185 karma

There were clowns who had been unkind towards me because I wasn't chosen to be in the circus. After I got a pretty awesome job as a clown on a cruise ship, I learned that some of those unkind individuals were trying to get my job, and that was very satisfying for me, albeit in a petty, vengeful way.

Dlegs34 karma

Hey steve-o! What was the most difficult skill for you to master while attending the Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey Clown College?

StreetDogLover74 karma

Passing juggling clubs. And I also really struggled with learning to unicycle.

ZombieCurt33 karma

Are you still here? Can I tell my friends I met Steve-O?

StreetDogLover51 karma

Yes, and go for it!

anotherjohnishere30 karma

Hey man! Just wanted to say you were a huge inspiration for my own sobriety journey (7 months yesterday!) Just wanted to share my appreciation and respect with you for sticking with it and inspiring me.

Any advice for getting over the year hump? It's coming up fast!

StreetDogLover63 karma

Congrats! My advice is to avoid expecting the year mark to change anything. Stick with what's keeping you sober until then, and keep sticking with it after!

ohwowshesaidthat25 karma

look, man. I grew up watching you on jackass. I spent my 22nd birthday, drunk in theaters watching Jackass2 on opening day. I am so certain this will be buried, but genuinely, I'm so fucken proud to see you grow into who you are now. give Wendy love from this Cali Girl who would have done some shitty wild things with you 15 years ago, and who would enjoy a cup of tea and some laughs now.

my question -- what are the best and worst parts of your life now?

StreetDogLover67 karma

The worst thing is that I'm basically never comfortable-- I spend my life in a perpetual state of anxiety, stress and fear.

The best thing is that, because I'm always anxious, stressed, and fearful, I force myself to work constantly to achieve goals, and that has caused me to create a great life for myself.

I think it's worth noting that most people's biggest advantage is also their biggest disadvantage. Part of me wants to learn how to relax, but the bigger part is too scared.

Theonlykd25 karma

After your full year of not ejaculating.. how was the first nut?

StreetDogLover90 karma

It was underwhelming, in every sense. Not big, and didn't even feel great. Still glad I did the 431 days of celibacy, because I cared most about "becoming the man the love of my life deserves".

HouseNinja24 karma


Do you think that Demise and Rise will ever be released in an official way? I work with recovering addicts and I think it could be very beneficial for them.

StreetDogLover20 karma

I highly doubt it, but I would have no say in whether that were to happen or not. I've heard of counselors/rehabs playing that for clients plenty of times before, though, so there's certainly nothing stopping you!

SkeezySevens23 karma

Can you share anything you learned about aliens from Delonge (or anyone else) that wasn't on the podcast?

StreetDogLover31 karma

Aliens were only discussed with Tom Delonge on camera and all was included in the Wildride! episode. Same with Jeremy Corbell. Nothing has been held back!

Blizzardjr22 karma

What is your favorite skateboarding trick you’ve done?

StreetDogLover57 karma

360 double flip on the coffee table. For sure. And the double wallride with Tony Hawk.

Devrij6821 karma

Your life has had a big arc through a lot of wild stuff to get where you are now. Do you think there's anything you could have told your younger self to save them pain that would have actually sunk in?

16yr sober dad trying to plan for when my daughter hits her teens!

StreetDogLover31 karma

Congrats on 16 years! I wish I could help here, but I was so scared of having kids I got a vasectomy for my Bucket List!

TheeSqueebles20 karma

What are the odds of a non famous person getting a famous Steve-O done tattoo?

But in all honesty, as somebody who's watched you wayyyy earlier than I should have, I've seen you go through it, and I'm so stoked to see you where you are now in life.

As for the question, what is your favorite food these days?! Thanks Mr.O.

StreetDogLover70 karma

I've always said that the way to get me to give a tattoo is to present me with an awesome idea/design and an opportunity to give it. Most people who ask for a tattoo think it's going to help to say I can tattoo "whatever I want" on them, but I'm not interested in coming up with awesome ideas for random people-- I much prefer for the tattoo to be a reward for a random person presenting me with an awesome idea. As I said in a previous answer, my diet is a disaster these days, so my favorite foods are Taco Bell and a snack called "Drizzilicious".

Tana123419 karma

How did you manage to get people to agree to the plane jacking off?

StreetDogLover30 karma

We couldn't get a skydiving company to agree to that let me do that for the life of us. It only happened when I asked all of my followers on Instagram for help from a licensed skydive professional. This was for my Bucket List, and I'm so stoked it's available at steveo.com now!

atlhawk835719 karma

Hi Steve-O, what was the video you were watching right before you jumped off the plane? What was the reaction/demeanor of the person you jumped with?

Also, were you able to get the picture surfing on the bus? I loved your appearance on Off Menu, in case you can't tell.

StreetDogLover37 karma

The video I watched in the airplane was called "Anally Corrupted 2", and the tandem guy on my back could not have been a better sport about it. Also, I did get the photo on the bus, I posted it to my IG the very same day. Thanks so much for listening to the Off Menu pod!

Andrew1990M18 karma

What happened to the dog you brought to the Off Menu recording?

StreetDogLover59 karma

Thank you so much for asking this! "Tazzy" found a permanent home with the employees of the tour bus company that we rented our UK tour bus from. And I can safely say, that ranks her as the luckiest a dog can possibly get, because she is a LIABILITY.

cumdumpswaggy17 karma

How old is Wendy and what's her favorite snack? Is she as rad as she seems on the podcast?

StreetDogLover53 karma

I found Wendy in the streets of Peru on August 17, 2017 and, at that time, she was estimated to be 2-3 years old, which would make her roughly 8-9 years old now. She's a large dog, which makes her life expectancy shorter, and that's really hard for me because I love her more than I can express. She's not terribly particular when it comes to snacks, she pretty much loves them all, and, yes, she is every bit as rad as she seems on the podcast. I'd say she's way, way radder.

Loose-Confidence636917 karma

Since we have never seen it, how big is Johnny Knoxville's dick?

StreetDogLover40 karma

It's nothing to be ashamed of!

K0I0SS17 karma

Stupid question, but i gotta ask. How is your butt hole doing?

StreetDogLover39 karma

Just got a colonoscopy, and I'm told it's doing great! Thanks!

Casperboy6816 karma

What part of your body were you most worried about injuring?

StreetDogLover41 karma

My spine/neck.

Radical514 karma

Favorite or most memorable moment of your career?

StreetDogLover52 karma

Before Jackass came out in year 2000, I used to think of my video footage as "immortal", that it would keep me alive after I died if anyone continued to watch it. After Jackass came out, though, I learned that footage actually has a distinct expiration date, which is the second it becomes public and becomes "old news". This is the dilemma of a career in entertainment-- the only thing that helps you is what your working on NOW (I understand that this is harsh, and arguably false, but I can't help feeling that this characterizes my life and career). With that said, my most memorable moment is the one which made me start this AMA late... receiving and approving the final version of the cover sleeve for my Bucket List DVD, which I've been working on for days. I love it so much, it's unbelievable. The image on the front cover is a rather punched-in screen shot from a video, which had pretty bad/blurry low-resolution. I figured I'd give AI a shot at enhancing the quality of that image, and I was absolutely blown away by what a great job it did. Fuck, is AI scary... Finally, please forgive me for taking this moment to encourage everyone to find my new Bucket List special at steveo.com -- it's what I have right NOW, and I think we can objectively agree it's the greatest thing I've ever made... Thanks!

ManAtAnts13 karma

You‘re my hero. What do you love to cook currently?

StreetDogLover41 karma

My diet is a disaster these days, and it pains me greatly to admit that. Diet and exercise are clearly the most important things for maintaining health, and knowingly letting them go is awful and shameful. Dammit!

lessgibbler12 karma

What is your biggest regret?

StreetDogLover36 karma

Not flossing when I was younger.

Stromkompressor11 karma

You documented a lot by film since your early days. Did you ever plan on releasing stuff back then like you did until today on YouTube? One couldn't have guessed that YouTube or such things would exist in the future.

StreetDogLover51 karma

I never expected to live very long, but the idea that people would discover video footage of me for many years to come (and, specifically, after I died) was ultra important to me. I was always obsessed with the idea of my videos making me "immortal".

largechild10 karma

You passed on the stunt where Dunn put a toy car up his ass cause your dad would’ve been disappointed in you. What other stunts were on your plate that you passed up due to personal reasons?

StreetDogLover28 karma

I made a video called "Ten Stunts I Backed Out Of" which you can find on YouTube. Spoiler alert, I declined most of them over concerns for spinal cord injury.

Soulless--Plague10 karma

Did you ever get a deal with Monster Munch to advertise their Pickled Onion flavour? Also are you still eating 1 pack a day?

StreetDogLover16 karma

I can't get Monster Munch easily in the USA, which is probably a good thing. I haven't heard from the company that makes it (Walkers), but I'd sure love to!

CursedFlaps10 karma

Hey! What's your favourite book?

StreetDogLover21 karma

Conversations with God, book one.

Glittering-Design97310 karma

I see you with Knoxville a lot online, are you still hangin with the rest of the guys or more just stay in touch? Just to add you and Pontius’s were my favorite growin up haha.

StreetDogLover33 karma

I'd say I hang with Dave England the most these days, but I'm still in touch with everyone except Bam.

unknown_pigeon9 karma

I was about to ask "Who's Steve-O", but you actually introduced yourself. Onto the next question it is.

Why are you Steve-O?

StreetDogLover45 karma

Ha! That's a funny one. I think the appropriate answer is that I'm an attention whore.

Inthewoodlands8 karma

What is your favorite soda?

StreetDogLover23 karma

That's a vice I've managed to avoid almost entirely for a good fifteen years. Which is comical, because, boy, can I consume some sugar without drinking soda...

Mooninite448 karma

Do you have any new fire stunts planned?

StreetDogLover15 karma

Nothing with fire-- I'd hate to try to raise the bar in that department!

BabyYodaRedRocket8 karma

I have met many street dogs in Peru and a majority are very scared of strangers. How did you score such a relationship with Wendy?

StreetDogLover23 karma

I got very lucky. Wendy ran with a pack of friendly street dogs, all of which had seemed to figure out that life would be easier if they could interact with people in a friendly manner. It breaks my heart that the majority of the dogs there are so afraid.

lefthandedrighty6 karma

Is a hot dog a sandwich?

StreetDogLover8 karma

Ha! I don't consider myself an authority on the subject.

ladiiebird6 karma

Hi Steve-O!!! any idea when the next tour will be starting?? i was too young to go to the last one and i really want to meet you :( !! i love your stand up so much, lots of love🫶🫶

StreetDogLover15 karma

I'm guessing it's going to take me six months to get my next show ready and on the road.

Opposite__of__Batman5 karma

Hey Steve-O!! Been enjoying your content lately, and of course loved the Jackass show/movies! I was surprised to see you and the crew in some of the Tony Hawk video games. How did that come about, and were you involved in any of that production/development?

StreetDogLover5 karma

I had minimal involvement (and minimal compensation) for the Tony Hawk video game I was featured in, but it was a no-brainer to say yes. It came about because Jackass was popular, and I was easy for them to get!

rocketrobie24 karma

Have you gotten any of your tattoos removed or painted over? I remember laughing so hard when I saw that one of your face plastered on your back for the first time and the rational

StreetDogLover7 karma

I got the words "shit" and "fuck" lasered off of my knuckles, and I got that horribly regrettable baby tattoo covered up multiple times over.

SirProfessor3 karma

Do I remember correctly that you used to do some weird shit at Shuckers at Love Docs? Didn’t you staple your dick to your leg?

StreetDogLover5 karma

I performed in the Love Doctors talent show in the summer of 1996 as "Steve-O the alcoholic gymnast". Ever since, I have attributed that experience as the moment I committed to the name "Steve-O" in a professional sense, because the crowd chanted "Steve-O! Steve-O!" and I knew no crowd would ever chant "Steve!" I'm not familiar with Shuckers, and ball stapling came many years later-- this, I believe took place, at the Stuart Opera House.

Kushfriendly4203 karma

What was the most fun shlw to tour this time, mytival kitce ? Or stiff socks to name a vieuw

StreetDogLover4 karma

That Last Meal podcast was awesome.

Historical_Boss24473 karma

What does the O stand for in Steve-O?

StreetDogLover5 karma

The name Steve-O came from drunk people screaming while I did dumb stunts at keg parties in the early 90's . The O doesn't stand for anything in particular.

Fckoffreveen3 karma

You were at AEW, I heared you didnt like it?

StreetDogLover4 karma

Who said I didn't like it? To be fair, I worry about my buddy Darby's health, but that doesn't change the fact that I thought it was awesome!

ellisiae3 karma

If you could do something, anything right now what would it be ?

StreetDogLover5 karma

I'd get a massage. My back hurts.

Muffinman11111123 karma

My friend swears she’s been talking to you on discord. LOL Is it really you? Did you recommend chatGPT to her? 😂😂😂

StreetDogLover7 karma

I'm not on discord. Not me.

Slap-Happy271 karma

You ever seen Birdemic?

StreetDogLover3 karma

Nope, but I'm always open to suggestions for good things to watch!