(sorry for this being deleted and reposted, there was a small hiccup I had to iron out)

I am nervewing, I have spent the better part of a decade exploring psyhoactive drugs and their effects. I now work with synthesizing novel dissociatives for pharmacological research, I have as of this writing taken 232 different drugs, and I have written extensively on their effects. I am the number one contributor to the Erowid experience vaults with 152 detailed trip reports published. I also wrote a lot about interesting and obscure drugs I found in literature and about hypothetical designs for new drugs.

I keep all of my writing on my blog here:


Happy to talk about my experiences, my work, harm reduction, the complex place drugs hold in our world, or just anything at all! Ask me anything!

(you can also follow me on twitter if you'd like)

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geb_bce81 karma

Have you tried Datura Stramonium (aka Jimson weed)?

That stuff is the worst!!

I had a 1 on 1 conversation with my evil side trying to convince my good side to hang myself in the shower. And we were arguing our points back and forth.

Another friend got into a fist fight with a tree and shredded his hands all up.

Another friend was trapped on his couch b/c he thought he was in water and he can't swim (his carpet was blue).

Both other friends actually did this stuff again, but it was a 1 and done experience for me.

Nervewing71 karma

Only sparingly, I haven't had the "full experience", and maybe thats a good thing

Noddybear66 karma

How do you ensure consistency in your trip reports? What protocols work for you to ensure you get good data?

Nervewing79 karma

I have a process:

I take notes throughout the experience, always always timestamped. I wait about a week to start writing so it can all simmer, then I go through other data like pictures, messages and exchanges between people etc. to fill in details and timing, A lot of it just comes from memory too!

gdmfsobtc64 karma

What do you think is the reason for total disappearance of certain PiHKAL gems?

Nervewing73 karma

Blame the DEA! currents shift, the scene is a messs, labs pop up and disappear, stuff shows up in small batches, just gotta get lucky

GottaGoogleGottaDie39 karma

Have any drugs caused any mild to severe lasting negative effects? All is subjective, but most psychonauts have one or two stories/substances that are one and dones. On the inverse, have any specific drugs had mild to severe lasting positive motions in life and research?

Nervewing59 karma

Lasting effects are obvious, but I can't pinpoint anything to specific experiences. I have HPPD, I always see colors and patterns on drab or mottled surfaces. I kinda like it, it makes life more interesting. Oddly enough, being prescribed wellbutrin years ago turned this effect up to 10. Constantly seeing stuff. pretty fun!

Many of the manic dissociatives have given me shifts in perspective or introspection that has ultimately benefited me and been therapeutic. I can often look past emotions and develop more grounded responses to challenges in my life. I think there is immense healing potential there if they are carefully controlled. But they are fun and also very addicting lol

miszczyk43 karma

why are you downplaying negative effects the drugs had on your body in this post? on your blog you write that you also have constant nausea, urination difficulties and problems with falling asleep. here you're only talking about HPPD, but (at least the way you're describing it) it doesn't affect your daily life in the same way as those things do. don't you think it's irresponsible to hide this information when writing to a potentially much larger audience?

Nervewing5 karma

I wrote out this answer very quickly among taking up a bunch of others, that was what had immediately popped into my head as a response but you are correct, that was irresponsible to not dive into this more thoroughly.

Yes- digestive issues that I mostly pin to overstimulation of my gut serotonin system from psychedelics.

Frequent urination from using dissociatives too much seems apparent, though i have mitigated it a bit with using green tea extract.

Sleep difficulties have been an issue my whole life but taking benzodiazepines definitely made baseline sleep problems worse.

RC-Edison19 karma

Wait, can you describe how your HPPD has been affected by Wellbutrin? I am staring at a script I got for it as I write this - haven't started yet.

I have HPPD too, I also find it interesting more than anything else. Though it also flares up when I have panic attacks, which can be disorienting.

Also, have you noticed the character of your HPPD changing over time?

I first developed HPPD when I was 15 because of a 7 gram shroom trip. So, at first the hallucinations were heavily reminiscent of shrooms.

As I tried new drugs, I found that the hallucinations/perceptual shifts would integrate elements from those drugs. Ex. After I tried acid, the patterns started resembling LSD. Over time, though, it always seems to settle back to the initial shroomy vibes.

PSA: I do not recommend anyone take psychedelics at that age.

Nervewing9 karma

It made it so much more intennse, and it really brought it out in combination wth other drugs- things like novel colors, drifiting textures etc.

The character of mine probably hasnt changed over time? honestly I notice it less and less because I've goten use to it.

taurean_bitch131338 karma

Given that you have tried many psychoactive drugs, what is your opinion on legalization?? Do you believe psychedelics should be legalized for medicinal use only, or do you believe legalizing recreational drugs in general would be beneficial?

I am of the opinion that drug use, medicinal and recreational, should be decriminalized. I'm always curious to hear what researchers think about the future prevalence these drugs may have for our society.

Nervewing148 karma

I believe all drugs should be legalized. We should be free to alter our minds as we see fit and to be responsible for how we do it. Our society already legally entrusts us with so many dangerous and regulated mechanisms (guns, cars etc.), the benefit outweighs the obvious risks.

I am adamant that hallucinogens should be legalized for therapeutic use. The benefits are obvious, the only obstacle is archaic stigma that has to be dismantled. I genuinely think they can revolutionize the treatment of mental health disorders, but they must be handled carefully and extremely responsibly- they are not miracle cures and they can go very wrong and we cant lose sight of that,

miss_meep37 karma

How do you prepare for a trip? Are there any harm reduction techniques or specific things that work well for you?

Nervewing156 karma

For a very intentional experience, I like to shower beforehand, lay out my space, the biggest thing though is getting ALL OF MY AFFAIRS IN ORDER! I go through my texts, make sure I have responded to everything and settled evertything, make sure everything is settled and concluded and wont pop up during the expereience,

PullUpAPew7 karma

Can you explain what you mean by getting your affairs in order? Why would a text you haven't replied to pop up?

Nervewing79 karma

Like say you have an ongoing conversation with your mother- I don't wanna talk to my mom while on substances, I make sure to just conclude whatever we may be talking aboht in that moment etc

__D-a-n-i-e-l__33 karma

How high are you?


I mean "Hi, how are you?"

Nervewing22 karma


sxecpl31 karma

What drugs do you think can contribute to an elevated sexual experience?

Nervewing66 karma

Really depends on the person.

Some people go wild on stims, Meth, 4-MMC, MDPV etc, or even MDMA, they go wild

I can't do that to I just get anxious and cant keep it up.

For me, the best sex enhancing drugs are pregabalin and a sweet spot of dissoaicitives-both make me last longer and be more in tune w my partner, dissos are tricky tho bc if you overshoot it you just become numb and cant feel anything at all lol.

GHB/1,4-BDO is a lovely aphrodisiac too. Just make sure you have very explicit consent with it.

fleischio19 karma

I’m trying to imagine having sex while K-holing, and it’s absolutely hilarious

Nervewing19 karma

I have had sex on K, poppers make it work, its dreamyyyyy if you put aside your own feelings lol

zernebock9420 karma

Are you high right now?

Nervewing40 karma

I am currently on Pregabalin, 3-MeO-PCE, and 3-MeO-PCiPr

Odd_Independence423012 karma

do you struggle with taking substances daily?

Nervewing16 karma

Yes, but I still get done what I have to do

AltruisticWerewolf9915 karma

I hear a lot of buzz about psychedelics/ketamine used for mental health treatment but not as much about MDMA. It seems to me like MDMA would be more effective, but I’ll admit I know very little about the subject. Why do you think this is and do you have an opinion on MDMA as a treatment option?

Nervewing37 karma

MDMA is in phase 3 trials for treatment of PTSD. It is being studied very seriously.

efernst15 karma

Best shroom trip?

How many times have you shit yourself?

Did you break through on DMT? And if so - how many aliens did you meet?

Nervewing77 karma

Mushrooms are actually the one thing I cannot conquer- they are my death and dread ! I have a psychological block against them now because experiences were so consistently terrifying. have just had repeated catatstrophic bad experiences with them, traumatic every time.

The worst psychedelic experience of my life, which isn't documented, was a mushroom trip with my ex, I had hallucinated that I was out in the street freaking out, being arrested, detained etc. while I was just in my room. She had to physically stop me from killing myself. dreadful

efernst29 karma

Yikes! But did you shit yourself?

Nervewing41 karma

I have never shit myself on drugs! But I am often paranoid that I have

FrozenVikings6 karma

How big was the dose? Have you tried microdosing them instead? I found out I don't like big trips, but juuuuust enough of a small dose is amazing.

Nervewing12 karma

I usually took an eighth of them

bumbling_womble4 karma

This feels validating, thank you. Someone this year wouldn't listen to me when I said I don't want a shroom trip with him, it was very frustrating that he just thought he knew better. I wasn't honest with him about my full drug use history but he saw enough to know I know my body and limits, shrooms is one of them.

Nervewing10 karma

Some things just don’t work with some people. There are so many other psychedelics out there to try !

SHRLNeN10 karma

Feel free to ignore any of these as necessary:

-how old are you/have long have you been researching?
-what got you into wanting to explore these so much?
-what would be your "ideal" designer drug?
-what is your favorite currently existing substance?
-in your experience, how truly often are substances sold as one and really ends up being another in the RC world, whether by mistake or on purpose? (referencing your current FXE findings here)
-what do you consider the "safest" RC?

Thanks for your contributions to this space.

Nervewing16 karma

-I am 28, I have been doing this since I was about 17

-DARE! they said there were things that could make you see sounds, I thought that was cool as hell. I loved watching media that was imaginative and synesethetic (Fantasia, Phantom Tollbooth etc), so I sought out this ideal of a world beyond our own- I took acid when I was 16 and the rest is history.

-A dissociative, manic, stimulating, healing,, I think I already have it! 3-MeO-PCE

-See previous1 It's such a versatile and fun therapeutic compound btu it can be very unforgiving in higher doses

-Most vendors are pretty good about verifying their product. the FXE thing was a colossal and embarassing fuckup

fivetimesyes8 karma

This is so interesting ! Also the first time I’ve ever seen “manic” associated with drugs — mania is a difficult experience for Bipolar people .. can be fleetingly pleasurable but usually ends in a major crisis… why are these drugs called “manic”?

Is the idea that they mimic the experience of mania that Bipolar people experience endogenously? Thanks for your insights

Nervewing10 karma

Its a hypomania- it is intentionally induced and controlled and I think that can be managed to benefits


Have you studied the 2C family? 2C-E, 2C-I, 2C-B? If so, your thoughts and finding and what makes them different from other hallucinogens?

Nervewing29 karma

Yes, I have taken:









this is a fascinating range of compounds! shulgin really nailed it here. They are so diverse, each has their own character, its amazing how much one atom can alter the experience! 2C-B should be everyones first psychedelic imo

PrecursorNL3 karma

Strongly disagree. I have been on a serious amount of trips in my life, similar to you maybe. Started at 17, 29 now. Studied pharma research, brain and a little while in organic chemistry.

But 2-CB is absolutely not the first thing I'd recommend. A close relative has taken it twice and twice it was a bad experience. And with bad I mean she almost got a full psychosis.

If you read this and want to try psychedelics please consider the potential harm too. It's all fun and games until it's not. Prepare well and take it slow. Have people around. 2-CB is a pretty strong drug. Personally I'd rather recommend taking LSD as a first psychedelic drug, it's much easier to dose even if you just have paper tabs. Take a quarter or half tab and see if you like it before going on a crazy bender and ruining all future experiences because you started with a bad trip. Also be with friends. Friends are important :)

Nervewing5 karma

What dose was used? Dose, set, setting, make all the difference! I have just found 2C-B consistently benign among others I have shared it with.

snapsnspressos-8 karma

What are your thoughts on Kratom?

It’s legal in most of the United States with rumors of going schedule 1 at some point to its opioid like properties and would like to get your take.

Nervewing5 karma

Kratom is cool, I have a hard time consuming it, people should be allowed to explore it at will

raydude7 karma

My 16 year old son is very into all kinds of shrooms at the moment. He's memorized multiple genus and has really learned a tremendous amount about them. Recently he has come to the belief that eating psilocybin mushrooms will help cure his autism (not diagnosed and honestly I'm not sure he has). He, like me, does have ADHD (also undiagnosed, but ... it's so obvious). He's very introspective at this point and wants to help his creativity flow into his other hobby: music. This is two examples of his line of thinking about blue shrooms and there are other reasons he has come up with to try them.

He is a very strong willed kid so I have taken a listen and love approach. I have asked him to wait as long as he can before he tries anything. A friend of mine who has done a few things said my son should wait until he's in his late twenties because his brain is still forming. My son doesn't like that idea.

I have zero experience with drugs so I can't help him at all.

As an expert on such things, what advice do you have for me and what advice do you have for him on this topic?

Nervewing7 karma

I am not qualified to offer medical advice etc. and I really cannot offer advice in this specific context bc im not involved, I am sorry. There are great general guidelines for dipping into this realm here

ZennZen7 karma

How do you think 3-meo-pce compares to 3-meo-pcp? I've heard extremely mixed reports about this.

What's the most euphoric/best combo you have ever tried? What is your favorite disso?

Nervewing10 karma

3-MeO-PCE is deeper, more psychedelic, more complex, more colorful and visual, I think 3-MeO-PCP is better for casual use, 3-MeO-PCE is a very profound substance!

Empathogens are always the most euphoric, it feels fake to me though, it feels wromg; i don't deserve to feel this good! I've had some incredible euphoria combining dissos tho like 3-MeO-PCP and 2F-DCK, a good lull, or pregabalin and FXE~ mmmmmmmm

ZennZen3 karma

Thanks so much! I just combined pregab and 3meopce the other day what a lovely combo

What do u think of 5mapb? What's your favorite empathogen beyond mdma

Nervewing6 karma

I don't like empathogens lol I feel like I usually make a fool of myself and do embarassing things

lukeman30007 karma

I have a couple questions, if you have the time:

  1. If you had to pick just one, what drug do you think that everyone should experience at least once in their lives, and why?

  2. Can cannabis cause ego death? I feel like I experienced this the first time I took it (due to being unprepared and taking too much), but some people seem to think it can’t cause this. Curious as to your take on it..

  3. I started taking Wellbutrin a couple months ago and since then haven’t used cannabis because apparently it’s contraindicated (possibly due to decreasing seizure threshold?) Do you know anything about this? I really miss my occasional cannabis usage but I also don’t want to potentially give myself a seizure, but I have to think that hundreds of thousands of people taking Wellbutrin likely also smoke up..

  4. As a follow-up to the last question, should I consider ketamine therapy for depression when and if it becomes available in my state? What are your thoughts on using a mail order ketamine therapy service (pills) vs going into a clinic and receiving an injection?

Nervewing11 karma

  1. 3-MeO-PCE - One 15 -20 mg dose intranasal. This is such a miraculous and therapeutic drug, I think everyone should get a taste of what it has to offer. There is serious healing potential in this.
  2. Porbably. Cannabis can be very very intense. I think I could achieve ego death if I ate like a 200 mg edible.
  3. I used to be on wellbutrin, I smoked cannabis daily with no problem. They also prescribed gabapentin alongside it to mitigate the seizure effect
  4. I cannot offer you medical advice I am sorry

lukeman30004 karma

On #1 - what kind of effect does this drug have? Are we talking healing in terms of trauma?

On #4 - Sorry, I wasn’t meaning to seek medical advice for myself. I was asking generally about Ketamine as it relates to depression - it is understood that you are not giving me medical advice. Is Ketamine known to be effective as a treatment for depression, and is there a difference between taking it via pill format vs injection? This is a general question that can be answered with no bearing to my personal situation, I hope.

Nervewing7 karma

Yes, I think it has huge therapeutic potential in the way it allows people to aritculate their thoughts and separate themselves from tricky emotions

On the ketamine- My experience with psych meds that it is all trial and error. If other things aren;t working, give it a shot. Everyone is different!

themindlessone6 karma

What is your science education and chemical resources? You aren't synthesizing new dissociative without being an organic chemist, and everything that comes with that (characterization instrumentation, etc.)

In other words, you're either going to give yourself parkinsons OR you are a synorg chemist with access to a full lab. Where did you get somebody to let you take and make drugs in a real lab?

Nervewing3 karma

My background is in biology actually, I was studying to be an entomologist! I wrote a lot about drugs and just happened to know a PI who worked in that field that had a grant for developing new NMDA antagonists. luck luck luck, I am so blessed and gratefuk

YHJ_JYG_Kryptlock6 karma

I've talked about this in the past, but considering the special place in my heart that the principles of harm reduction have
There are a few questions I would like to ask you, if that okay. hopefully you can educate myself and others that may read this.

  1. With the ever-changing popularity of various substances, and the rise in popularity of research chemicals, how have you seen the change in popularity of research chemicals over the years of documenting and researching various substances?
    And where do you think it's headed?


  1. Unrelated to research chemicals, but still on the topic of the rise and popularity of different substances, in the last few years I have noticed a significant increase in the popularity and consumption of Datura.
    In my experience, there seems to be an alarming amount of people consuming Datura without realizing just how potentially dangerous of a substance it is.

It's wildly varying degrees of potency based on so many factors, such as it's age, location grown and even weather climate during its growth, Coupled with the fact that there is no even remotely relatively easy way to measure its potency without special equipment, it's potential for harm is so unpredictable, why do you think it is that such a substance had become so popular among so many so fast?


  1. My last question is probably going to be a bit unexpected especially compared to everyone else's questions here.

Tobacco and alcohol, (yes yes, I know not what people typically think of when they think of "drugs") Kill significantly more people per year than any other regulated or non regulated recreational substance in the world.

How do you feel about the regulation of these substances in comparison to well.. any of the other drugs that you have ever consumed?

Edit: formatting fixes on Mobile Reddit can be a pain..

Nervewing6 karma

I forgot to respond to question 3-

I on the radical bench that yes, all drugs should be legal and be responsibly regulated. We have a right to alter our minds. A human right. It is nonsensical to deprive us of that, especially in the context of incredibly damaging drugs already being available and regulated. Our society's perception of drugs is dated and broken, People should be allowed to alter their states to their discretion, with pure substances and intentional doses. The war on drugs is a tragedy, it is an affront to the human condition, it is one of our species' greatest follies.

Nervewing3 karma

I would say the scene is in a state of stagnation. Similar to my own habits, there is not much expansion into novel compounds anymore, labs are just pumping out the big popular moneymakers- things like FXE (which isn't actually FXE as I recently confirmed via nmr testing), or they're pumping out pyrovalerones and benzos.

There was one lab that was really diversifying and pushing the boundaries of psychedelics and dissociatives that ran into some pretty bad legal trouble last year. The loss of that lab has been a major hit to the community and a major hit to what's available. Gone are the days of 2C-x compounds and fun arylcyclohexylamines floating around :( Opioids are pretty much out of the market now too, no one wants to touch them for risk of starting the next fentanyl-like viral rash. O-DSMT, the tramadol analogue, seems dominant in that field now.

I have no idea why people are consuming datura more! It's a really freaky thing that's always been on the fringes- some teen discovers erowid and knows how to identify a plant, that's how I tried it at first too! I don't know what may be pushing this trend more, maybe its blowing up on some social media I'm not active on, like tik tok? I am not aware of any research currently being done into tropane alkaloids.

wellwellwelly5 karma

Do you feel like your brain is struggling to keep up?

How is your sleep, hygiene, diet etc?

Do you make a living from your experiments?

Do you think you'd struggle to live a sober life if you ever stopped your experiments?

I'm kind of jealous in some ways. There are many drugs I had good times on and fond memories of with friends, and some that had really obvious negative effects. I do miss drugs, but I don't miss the overall pain after taking them.

Nervewing6 karma

My poor brain is constantly assailed but seems to be handling it well

Sleep is bad, I have always had anxiety and insomnia, I take trazadone and sometimes zolpidem to sleep nowadays.

My writing and passion did end up with me working in a chemistry lab! So I do make a living from it. That was just an immense stroke of luck tho

I would absolutely struggle to live a sober life unless I was somewhere very exciting, like deep in nature. I am deeply intertwtined with drugs and it seems implssible to escapee.

McKoijion5 karma

Do you have any unique ideas about how the brain works based on your experiences?

Nervewing9 karma

No, if anything I understand it less

Nervous_Respond_53024 karma

  1. how has your outlook on life changed because of all these drugs? was there any specific trip that made you re evaluate everything?
  2. do you agree with recent studies that have shown microdosing psilocybin can help alcoholism, depression, etc.?
  3. have you noticed anything different about the way your brain works because of these trips? (short term memory loss, dissociation, etc.)
  4. what's been the most addictive drug in your experience? what are the best and worst drugs you've had?

Nervewing14 karma

  1. It really is impossible to know what my life would look like otherwise. They are so deeply intertwined with my life. There was one extremely intense muhsrooms trip I had when I was 17 (my first report!), that set the trajectory for me I think- to experience something that intense- I had to have more! Several of my experiences with DXM set a trajectory for my life and artistic expression at the time too, coalescing with an ongoing sort of madness- https://nervewing.blogspot.com/2015/11/dextroverse-part-ii.html or https://nervewing.blogspot.com/2015/07/dxmlsddptdph.html
  2. The research is extremely promising! I am very excited that people are actually looking into this now
  3. Once again, impossible to say, as I have no control group to compare it to. I think the recent daily use of dissociatives has taken a hit to short term memory, word recall etc; not good!
  4. I am addicted psychologically to dissociatives. I take them every day :\ I am terrified of synthetic cannibanoids. I don't touch them at all, they are too unpredictable. Favorite drug would have to be good ol MXE or 3-MeO-PCE. Lovely dissociatives with depth and versatility, Worst would have to be ones that just felt like being poisoned, like 5-MeO-MET

aresdesmoulins3 karma

1) what drug was your favorite?

2) what drug was your least favorite?

3) what drug do you feel was the most addicting/making you want to try again?

Bonus: what was the most terrifying bad trip you've ever had?

Nervewing7 karma

1.MXE is probably the godliest thing that has ever been bestowed on us. Shame it's gone. 3-MeO-PCE is my top spot for right now.

  1. There are ones that just made me feel like I had been poisoned, like 5-MeO-MET or Glaucine. I also really do not like alcohol, and I am not big on stimulants, I am too anxious already. I don't like empathogens (MDMA etc.) bc I make a fool of myself every time lol.

  2. Worst for me right now is FXE, stimulating but deep short acting dissociative. Hard not to do at all times! Things like crack and 3-MMC etc didnt rlly set that off for me, I never got that feindishness, the addiction sets in more slowly and subtly for me.

Terrfiying experiences often come from mixing dissociatives and psychedelics; a few are documented here:

https://nervewing.blogspot.com/2020/01/4-aco-dpt-3-ho-pcp.html - The time I thought I was being projected into terrible situations


or the time the "terror" struck while I was on dissociatives


Or the time I wandered into a blizzard on a cocktail of dissociatives and psychedelics

vscender3 karma

Have you ever experienced a profound feeling that one moment is no different from the last, that the moment is repeating, aka lost your perception of time passing? Some may call this thought loops. Have you ever felt perception r3verse/inverse, eg be 'sucked back' into your point of perception?

Nervewing3 karma

Yes absolutey, I've had plenty of experiences that felt like the "big one", that "this is final, evertything will be different after this" etc, but then I come down and that juts never ends up being true lol. I guess its a type of delusion,

Shemoose3 karma

Do you have background education in pharmaceutical or chemistry?

Nervewing4 karma

I have a B.S in Biology. My main path that I want to pursue is actually entomology!

ketophp2 karma

How does 3-MeO-PCE compare to 3-MeO-PCP? I have taken -PCP, but not -PCE.

Nervewing2 karma

3-MeO-PCE lasts longer, it feels more introspective; 'deeper' etc, almost psychedelic. quite visual, very manic, very stimulating, has a lot of depth to it.

potatoaster2 karma


Nervewing6 karma

3-MeO-PCE seems to potentiate the hell out of everything! psychedelics and dissociatives. combines well with everyone! I suggest the bold should attempt this, but be very careful, the potentiation effect is INTENSE. It can be very rewarding if you are prepared for being immersed in a virtual reality

d0rf472 karma

  1. How'd you get into this field assuming you're working legitimately with government permissions and oversight like shulgin?

  2. What is your belief regarding drug laws and prohibition?

  3. Do you do any advocacy work for drug laws?

Nervewing9 karma


shawbawzz3 karma

You do synthesis for drug discovery without any formal chemistry training?

Nervewing1 karma

Yes, I actually almost failed organic chemistry in undegrad. I just had to demonstrate that I was competent

shawbawzz17 karma

I'm calling bs on this. I do chemistry for drug discovery for my job and it is an incredibly difficult field to get into without a doctorate level degree, particularly organic synthesis. Definitely not something you can just pick up as a hobby or even attempt without some sort of formal training.

Your answers to some of the other questions are a bit concerning as well, there doesn't seem to be much scientific rigour in your process. Plus you are n of 1 so this tiny sample size means nothing in the grand scheme of things for whether these drugs are of any use to treat any type of illness let alone mental illness.

queequeg123458 karma

Yeah I'm really skeptical about the usefulness and legitimacy of this research. I suppose it has some qualitative value but the idea that this guy is whipping up new drugs without any formal backing or training is sketchy to say the least.

Nervewing5 karma

I am the bottom rung role in my lab, I am not a the PI lol, I am working on an already established project

rodeoline2 karma

Are you addicted to dissociative compounds?

Do you have a favorite LSD analog?

Nervewing4 karma


2.Apparently all the 1-subbed LSD analogues are just prodrugs for LSD but I feel like they have consistently different character! who knows! I found 1cP-LSD the most delightful, it has its own unique visual character! but maybe that's just placebo

Teller82 karma

Have you ever done a drug that made you live in the “second to second” and completely disregard any worries/burdens in the past/future?

Nervewing4 karma

Very high doses of combinations of dissociatives have done this to me

HoratioPLivingston2 karma

Did you like LSD or psilocybin better? In my dozens of trips, I’ve always felt LSD was a super concentrated man-made version of psilocybin which occurs naturally. Did you feel the same?

Nervewing2 karma

LSD is my favorite psychedelic- divrerse, able to fit into so many situtations etc !

tetrajet2 karma

You mentioned in another comment that you have HPPD. When that occured? Had you used psychedelics long before it set in? Was the onset sudden and if yes, which substance caused it?

Nervewing3 karma

It definitely manifested after psychedelics, it was most marked when I was sleep deprived, It was gradual. I would say all substances eventually contributed; psychedelics, dissos, big doses of benadryl to sleep, gabapentinoids etc.

Klebarson_642 karma

Firstly I'd like to preface this by saying I love your trip reports! I read them all the time on erowid.

So, out of all the experiences you've had do you have one that sticks out as being the most intense?

Nervewing3 karma

I would say this stands out as the "greatest" experience

wafflehousewhore2 karma

Are you the guy from Hamiltons Pharmacopeia? Your proof won't load for me for some reason, so I apologize for the dumb question lmao

Nervewing3 karma

No, but I have worked with him

Slippery_Molasses2 karma

Have you ever tried Angels trumpet which is a very strong delirient similar to Datura? Do you feel that any delirient has any positive and/or therapeutic effect?

I tried it and felt it is the worst drug ever. You do not realize you are hallucinating like you do on mushrooms. I was talking to imaginary people that were across the room having full conversations with them among other things.

Bonus question: What drugs do you feel are good for treating major persistent depression disorder? I have heard of ketamine treatment but are there others you would suggest?

Nervewing2 karma

I only slightly dabbled in the world of tropane alkaloids :x

I think PCP analogues are seriously underexplored, there's such a stigma around them but I think their potential is immense

phillyfanjd12 karma

What all do you have in your personal stash? As the great Hunter S. Thompson said, once you get locked into a serious drug collection, the tendency is to push it as far as you can.

Nervewing2 karma

I would love to share but I cannot.

But I willl say, I do love to collect things

Carini___2 karma

In your opinion, what is the best drug for an introduction to Psychedelics?

I think there’s a lot of stigma and disinformation around Ketamine and LSD, which typically leads people towards psylocibin.

In my experiences psylocybin has always presented more challenges at “trip level” dosages so I tend to recommend LSD. I tell people that there’s always a “panic button” if they keep a few mg of Alprazolam handy but I haven’t found a surefire way to end an uncomfortable experience with mushrooms.

I know that a lot of what I just said is anecdotal but I’m curious as to what your opinion is?

P.S. Do you listen to Phish?

Nervewing2 karma

2C-B should be everyone's first in my opinion- gives visuals, all the good stuff, gives some of the psychedelic mind state without going too deep, it rarely expands into catastrophe, its friendly and navigable.

I do not listen to phish lol

Faketuxedo1 karma

Is it a sense of novelty that encourages you to take new and obscure substances or are you hoping to discover something new about yourself?

Nervewing3 karma

I am always pursuing a sense of novelty in the substances- it is what I love most about the world- diversity! My real passion is biodiversity

CaptainOktoberfest1 karma

What are your thoughts about machine elves?

Nervewing6 karma

never met em

Shemoose1 karma

I heard ayahuasca can be life changing any thoughts?

Nervewing7 karma

I have never actually taken ayahuasca, and I would only do so under the tutelage of a qualified shaman, some day!

wsch1 karma

How do you ensure that what you are getting is pure and actually what the dealer says it is? How do you make sure that the compounds are coming from ethical sources? For instance, if you are trying cocaine, how do you make sure it isn’t coming from the cartel?

Nervewing2 karma

Most of what I get comes from small labs that produce compounds for a niche of weird people like me that like quasi-legal alternative drugs that offer a variety of experiences. A lot of trust is involved that we are actually getting what we want-I am blessed with the ability to test my own drugs with GCMS where I work. Sometimes vendors will send their products in for testing and advertise that. But there are always mixups- just recently, I confirmed that a certain dissociative that was being called FXE was actually a completely different (though structurally very similar) compound!

I don't consume much cocaine but if you do, you can pretty much assume it came from some pretty mean guys somewhere along the line. That is the way it is.

Sledger7211 karma

If you could bring any drugs from the past (methaqualone, 2C-I, any point in the past), what would you bring back to add to your current collection?

Also just wanted to let you know you've inspired my exploration of drugs as tools of growth more than anybody than Ann Shulgin. All my friends and my boyfriend have heard me talking about reports from your blog so many times they recognize the name nervewing despite having no interest in novel drugs. Thanks for everything you do!

Any advice on building your writing skills as far as writing trip reports goes?

Nervewing2 karma


etc etc.


thank you for the kind words! I appreaciate it!

Not sure, I honestly just use a word bank because there's only so many words in our language that can relate to these experiences. It can get repetitive sometimes (iridescent, resplendent, gossamer, ettc et c) I usually just write stream of consciousness i guess with run on sentences

ThrowawayArgHelp1 karma

What is it like working with the coolest undergrad ever? B)

Nervewing2 karma

you know chemistry better than me lol

VistaXV1 karma

what's the worst bad trip you've had?

Nervewing3 karma

There was a time when I ingested a cocktail of dissociatives and psychedelics and foolishly wandered out into a snowstorm.

Copied from another comment too:

The worst psychedelic experience of my life, which isn't documented, was a mushroom trip with my ex, I had hallucinated that I was out in the street freaking out, being arrested, detained etc. while I was just in my room. She had to physically stop me from killing myself. dreadful

or the time I did 3-HO-PCP and 4-AcO-DPT and had a nightmare experience where I was being projected into different situtations.

Or the presence in the walls

You_lil_gumper1 karma

Do Diarylethylamines carry the risk of bladder damage in the same way that ketamine and it's analogues do?

Nervewing2 karma

The bladder damage seems exclusive to arylcycloheyxlamines as far as we knoq

[deleted]1 karma


Nervewing2 karma

Alien and fascinating! Hard to describe, it is a challenging and eerie psychedelic, very intense and unforgiving,

strictlyblunted1 karma

Do you genuinely enjoy it or is it more of a job for you?

Nervewing2 karma

I was working on a wide swathe of compounds for one project that likely weren't active in any way that I was interested in and that felt like a slog. I am working on things that are more directly interesting to me now

dimomonster1 karma

Does any other molecule you’ve experienced come close to the profundity of the DMT family? I literally can’t imagine anything stronger that also has healing and therapeutic properties. If so, please share!

Nervewing1 karma

I've encountered some very profound entities when combining 3-MeO-PCE with other dissociatives, they are silent but very stoic and profound in their presence

euthlogo1 karma

What would be your prescription for a night out dancing at a warehouse party? Would it be the same for a day at a proper festival with psychedelic leanings?

Nervewing3 karma

I'm such a shut in kol I have been to a warehouse rave or two tho and its alwaus 3-MeO-PCE and FXD for me for dancing and partying