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Yeah but how does building a house with asbestos lead to healthcare? Im so curious about that top line

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As a parent who has taken kids to Chuck E Cheese's more than 100 times I will tell you that we know what we are getting into. Its not an investment in Tootsie Rolls. Its an investment in an hour and a half of piece and quiet where the kids can go play games for a long time and I can read a book or get on your wi-fi. And eat your cardboard tasting pizza

*Edit damn do none of you guys have headphones? Give your kids an hour card, put on the headphones, settle into a booth with a great novel and some sub-par chicken wings, instant bliss.

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I could see that. What are your recommendations for the US healthcare system?

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It seems like my phone is listening to me when I am talking, not even using the phone. For instance, I went to the University of Missouri but I don't have anything to do with the school anymore- no googling, I don't watch games, I don't even talk about it. But I ran into an old classmate and we talked about Mizzou in person, the next day my phone was full of ads for Mizzou. We were playing cards one night and someone said something about spades, I said, oh, I haven't played spades in forever. Thats it. The next day, I got all these ads to play spades. Is my phone listening to me or am I paranoid?

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I have awesome headphones