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This is my question as well. I know there are hospital UVC filters that produce fairly negligible amounts of ozone at the specific UVC wavelength used, but it's negligible compared to the huge volume of air being pushed through the hospital.

When you have a device that is sending air directly to your lungs without any dilution, it seems like you would have to be extremely careful because even a relatively small amount of ozone production could be very damaging and irritating, which could ironically make someone more susceptible to infection.

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Me too, I've especially found mindfulness meditation really helpful for learning to be with and relaxy into and accept severe chronic pain issues. I would figure you probably have chronic pain issues by now yourself!

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I think one of your best pieces of advice has been when in doubt of someone's intentions, always take the best possible interpretation, until new facts prove otherwise.

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I never knew that x-rays were required for VISAs. Are they checking for tuberculosis?

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I've always wanted to know this as well.