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Wait you get two at once? I thought that they‘d sort of „combine“ but then again, I‘m no doctor

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While I believe that the voices of minorities must under all circumstances be heard, in a democratic system, the majority still matters most.

I light of this, I feel concerned that in todays western world, minorities seem to often pressure part of the public into agreeing with them by using half-truths, guilt or perceived debt. It seems to me that the majority often does not have a voice loud enough to compete with them and so small minorities look like they are on the brink of being the majority, when in fact they do not even make up one percent of the general population.

What do you think of this?

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What’s the stupidest thing that you’ve ever seen a lawyer do or say in court?

Also, what’s your favorite dinosaur?

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An example that I can think of would be the small groups of activists in the USA who believe that the white people of today are responsible for pre-civil war slavery in the US. They are most definitely not in the majority but their voices are way louder then they should be given the small size of the groups.

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I probably should have been more specific when describing "minorities". I personally believe that you can break up any group that has an opinion on any given issue or non-issue into two categories: "Believers" and "Supporters". "Believers" are the core of the group. These are the people who engage in activism, try to further their agenda and drum up more support. "Supporters" are the people who, while believing in the importance of the issue that the group tries to bring up, will not engage in most forms of active support. This is usually the larger part of the group. To make an example, think of the COVID-19 vaccine researchers: The scientists themselves, along with their organizations and companies are the core, the "Believers". Nearly everyone, save for the Anti-Vax people wants a vaccine and therefore supports the efforts of the scientists without being able to do much. They are the "Supporters". These two groups make up the whole group of people who want a vaccine for COVID-19. So that group is actually in the majority.

As i stated in my first comment, I too believe in listening to minorities. And if any part of my arguments have made it look like I don't, then that was a mistake on my part. My problem does not lie with all minority groups. It only is with those who use predatory tactics to force people into agreeing with them and attack those who don't.

As for a specific example:

While I do not remember the date or the name of the hotel involved, I am fairly certain that it was about 5-6 years ago.

There is a rather large hotel in Berlin which is quite popular with the palestinian community. This hotel provided a list of area codes next to the phone in each room. On these lists, there was obviously an area code for Israel. The Palestinians who stayed in this hotel and made up a sizeable portion of its revenue stream complained again and again to hotel management. Trying not to anger their most important customers, the hotel decided to remove the area code for Israel from the lists (Understand that you could still call Israel from the hotel phones and that in order to find out the area code, one just had to call the reception and ask for it). When the Jewish community found out about this, they were understandably not amused. The people in this story that I have a problem with are the ones (And there were only a few) who made it seem like Germany was falling back into Antisemitism and that at this rate Jews would soon be oppressed again.