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3) if you book through the cruise line they guarantee they won't leave you behind. If your private excursion company doesn't get you back to the ship before cast off, it's leaving without you.

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What is your view about how adult parents watching the show related to it compared to children? For example, I dated a single mother and she talked about how the male hosts on children's shows were usually good looking, because they realized the moms were watching too and deserved some eye candy.

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Is this a major financial undertaking for you or is it something that’s a side project? I always hope weird ventures like this aren’t risking anyone’s life savings…

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Someone else has already touched on it, but what did you think of the 'seven minute abs' joke in "There's Something About Mary"? https://youtu.be/JB2di69FmhE?t=45

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It's disappointing she wasn't able to answer this question, it's what I would have asked if I'd gotten here in time.