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That scene was a turning point in the movie for me. It gave hope. It would have been easy to make the movie a string of cringes, of her failures to overcome her clumsy self-consciousness. In most of the movie I wanted to hug her and tell her it gets better. But in this scene I felt so proud of her, so hopeful that she could continue to draw on this strength.

Others here can't wait to see the movie. I feel as strongly my sense of anticipation at the chance to go tonight to see it again. Thank you.

Only at the end of the movie did I discover that it was filmed in the county where I spent 8th grade. How perfect.

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Similar. The This American Life episode was about Monsey. It used to have a good school district. They deliberately ruined it.


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What's the one piece of advice you've given over the years that, upon reflection, you most regret?

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As I've gotten older, I've become more cynical. I've seen my share of heroes turn out to be very flawed people. You remain a hero in my eyes. For my sake, please don't drop any drugs in women's drinks or something.

What would you estimate your success rate is when you set out to change someone's worldview the way you do? Is there a particular time that you regret not succeeding?

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Yeah, as far as I could tell, nobody at my temple hated Jews. But when a community comes after my education or oppresses women then I don't hesitate to oppose the parts of their culture I consider harmful.