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Do you ever consider independent information about whether a record is truly the record? I am thinking about records like Joshua Beck's most concerts in a year record. All of my music-oriented friends laughed and laughed when we saw the news stories about that because we all know several people who would consider only 86 concerts to be a pretty quiet year. And there are plenty of news stories about Beatle Bob who attended a concert every day and sometimes more than one for years on end - even if the unbrokenness of that streak is slightly exaggerated, surely he saw more than 86 concerts a year for years on end. So did it come down to "Bob never asked for a record so we don't care that our record is pretty obviously wrong" or do you try to do independent research that there isn't another probable record holder out there before declaring a record and this one is just an aberration? Or is there some other factor that's at play that isn't obvious?

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It is AMA, not AMATIAC, ask me anything that isn't a crime.

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Have you met Jim Pattison? If so, what is he like?

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Which do you enjoy more - quickfire answers in the weekly chat or the (presumably) less frenzied pace of the column?