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Yes - Beth

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Yes we chased all sorts of leads, tips, allegations and crazy rumors. We only reported what we were able to substantiate. Beth

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Email us, call us. Meet with us in person. Tell us what happened, show us any evidence, and point us to other people who can corroborate the accounts. Beth.Reinhard@washpost.com - Beth

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This is Stephanie: while I was reporting another story in the Gadsden area, I heard that Roy Moore liked teenage girls, and as we began talking to more people, specific names began to emerge. It turned out that quite a lot of people in the Gadsden area had heard these stories about Moore over the years, and some had direct knowledge of the situation.

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As an editor, I still feel protective of Jamal's voice and work even after his death. I want everyone to know what his ideas were. I was heartened when cable news anchors read out loud his last column that was sent to us after his death,speaking about the need for free expression in the Arab world. I don't think there has been enough of engagement with his thoughts and ideas while he was alive. Rather there is so much focus on his death.

I think that it would be great for people around the world to read what he wrote about Saudi Arabia. He didn't like being called a dissident. He just wanted to advise what he thought was the best course for Saudi Arabia. All of his columns for the Washington Post are here: https://www.washingtonpost.com/people/jamal-khashoggi/?utm_term=.250f8656b78d -Karen