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fugly1677 karma

What is your favorite thing to do?

socialworkswimmer150 karma

I like to watch Grey’s Anatomy, and hang out with other people in the disability community.

smithers8529 karma

It’s really good that you like that show because it may never actually end… lol

socialworkswimmer14 karma

Yes it’s going on season 20 and I’m so excited for it!

ipakin9477 karma

What is something people in society should know but usually do not know?

socialworkswimmer208 karma

Hi! Thank you, this is a great question. People with disabilities want you to approach them and ask questions and say hello instead of just staring at them. I have had so many experiences with children getting pulled away from me because they wanted to ask me a question. I welcome questions and people approaching me when I’m in public. I’m just like any other 22 year old girl and I have a lot of the same interests that any 22-year-old would have.

Got2Go55 karma

Omg the amount of people that dont want to get caught staring at my walker so they stare me dead in the eyes. I ended up attaching a giant novelty clothespin to the front so people have an out to ask about the clothespin that stops my grocery bin from sliding off the seat as i walk.

socialworkswimmer24 karma

I like that idea.

Hardlymd9 karma

I will say that some people with disabilities feel differently than you, though - some want nothing mentioned or asked. It’s hard to know.

socialworkswimmer3 karma

It definitely depends on the individual and their preferences, and each person’s preference is different!

Rough_Pass_401664 karma

How do you feel about your disability and life? What thoughts do you have on it?

socialworkswimmer183 karma

I like this question a lot. I would say that my disability has given me a lot of blessings through the wonderful people I’ve gotten to meet and the different experiences I’ve had due to my disability. The medical aspects of my disability are definitely very difficult as I’ve had 27 surgeries. I am so grateful to be alive still as I was given a one percent chance of survival. Overall, I wouldn’t change my disability or my life for anything.

Rough_Pass_401632 karma

Interesting. Lot's of people complain a lot despite seemingly having few struggles.

What do you think is the key to hapiness? And the psychology around it.

socialworkswimmer126 karma

I would say the key to happiness is accepting the things that you can’t change and changing the things that you can change. I think happiness is different for every single person, but happiness has to come from within yourself. There are several things about my disability that I could complain about, but I try to live my life the best I can every day. I find psychology interesting as a subject in general.

mangagirl0736 karma

You have a lot of wisdom for someone so young. I was just talking to my therapist about this today. My dad passed away a year ago and I'm finding it hard to embrace the life I have and my happiness now. Thank you so much.

socialworkswimmer29 karma

Thank you so much. I’m so sorry for your loss.

TheDinnersGoneCold4 karma

You are a very inspiring young woman. More power to ye.

socialworkswimmer5 karma

Thank you!

Zuzublue61 karma

Do you swim?

socialworkswimmer136 karma

I used to swim competitively for nine years! I am now retired.

Zuzublue33 karma

How about recreationally or for PT?

socialworkswimmer68 karma

I had a medical surgery in 2020 that unfortunately prevents me from swimming currently, but I totally would swim if I could!

ropper118 karma

What happened? Like how did the surgery stop you from swimming? I’m curious about the different surgeries you have experienced. I can’t imagine

socialworkswimmer20 karma

I had to get my bladder and right kidney removed so I now have a urostomy and I tried swimming with the urostomy but the chlorine and urostomy wasn’t a good mix. Plus my body ‘s overall strength after the surgery has not been the same.

ropper16 karma

Oh man that sucks having to stop a sport you enjoy

socialworkswimmer15 karma

It did suck, but thankfully I have other things in my life currently that are just as fulfilling so I don’t miss it too much. I am very satisfied with my life.

Raoul_Duke911 karma

Do you social work?

socialworkswimmer27 karma

I’m going to go to school for social work.

starlitecurio58 karma

Since you've never had legs, does the concept of having legs seem weird to you? Or even having two arms?

It brings to mind the Simpsons episode where they think the idea of having five fingers on people is weird.


socialworkswimmer78 karma

Yes, the concept definitely is weird to me. I’m so used to only having one arm. I definitely would choose a right arm over having legs if I had the choice.

JetAmoeba19 karma

That’s super interesting! Why would you prefer to gain a right arm over gaining two legs?

socialworkswimmer77 karma

I have an awesome wheelchair that gets me places, and there is mostly elevators everywhere. I would rather gain an extra arm for more independence with my daily activities. I think if I had an extra arm, I would be much more self-sufficient.

JetAmoeba17 karma

That makes sense! Do you mind sharing the wheelchair you have? I’m just curious how it compares to more “normal” wheelchairs. Thanks for doing this AMA! It’s been super interesting

socialworkswimmer35 karma

Yes, I have a permobil M3 wheelchair. It can go up, tilt, and recline. It can go up to 6 miles an hour. Thank you for asking questions. I’m so glad it’s been interesting.

starlitecurio7 karma

Oh that's so interesting, thank you!

socialworkswimmer9 karma

Thank you for asking!

WhatTheFushigi29 karma

Why do you live with, or are you able to live alone? What kind of assistance do you need in your daily life?

socialworkswimmer80 karma

I have lived alone in a college dorm before but currently I live in a group home setting with three other individuals who have disabilities. I have caregivers 24/7 who help me with most daily living activities. I can transfer myself in and out of bed to my wheelchair. I can use my phone by myself. I can eat by myself.

LittleGreenSoldier22 karma

Do you have a pelvic bone, or do you need special supports to sit upright?

socialworkswimmer49 karma

I do have a pelvic bone, and I do not need any special supports to sit up.

wodon22 karma

I'm waiting for you to start listing other bones in order to get a full map, like a very slow game of hangman.


Go fish.

LittleGreenSoldier15 karma

Haha, the reason I asked is that some extensive cases of caudal regression mean the person affected has an incomplete pelvis, or the pelvis might not be properly connected to the spine, this can make it difficult to sit up. It's a complex condition, and everyone's case is unique.

socialworkswimmer3 karma

It is a great question!

socialworkswimmer5 karma

I do have a scapula. I’m missing my tailbone.

Up2KnowGood27 karma

Thank you for posting this AMA. I’m genuinely curious, but don’t want to be offensive. I’ll ask anyway because you seem super chill. Is sex a thing for you?

socialworkswimmer44 karma

Thank you for the question. It is not currently due to my own personal priorities of life right now.

WeCameAsMuffins8 karma

I was going to ask something similar but more so along the lines of how do you go about dating / how have you in the past? Is it more difficult with the expectations around sex / dating culture?

socialworkswimmer17 karma

I have dated before. Most of it has been long distance it never came to that point. I’ve also only dated other disabled people.

rabidstoat7 karma

Is there anything related to your disability that would prevent you from having kids if you wanted to? Er, as in childbirth, not adopting or something.

socialworkswimmer8 karma

No there isn’t anything related to my disability stopping me from having kids. I do want kids one day. It’ll be very high risk if I got pregnant.

McPorkums25 karma

What’s something that makes you crack up laughing? 😃

socialworkswimmer59 karma

Abbott Elementary! It’s on hulu and HBO Max!

McPorkums18 karma

Absolutely love that show. Are you a social worker? I’m a peer support specialist 😃

socialworkswimmer37 karma

It’s a wonderful show. I am going to go to school for social work. My goal is to work with medically complex children and their families. That is so cool about your current job. Thank you for what you do!

McPorkums12 karma

What got you interested in social work?

socialworkswimmer43 karma

What got me interested in social work is the amount of resources that my parents and I have been given and I want to give back to the disability community. All of the resources has helped me get to where I am today.

petit_cochon14 karma

You're a nice person. Good for you.

socialworkswimmer15 karma

Thank you so much!

McPorkums7 karma

So so awesome! I’m thinking of doing RT or social work- I’m 48 so it’d be a late start, but I work at a state hospital so I’m at least where I want to be!

socialworkswimmer10 karma

Thank you so much. Education is a lifelong journey so it’s never too late. Working at a hospital is also my goal.

Darkside12423 karma

What's a thing you would like to do but can't because of your boundaries?

socialworkswimmer48 karma

I would like to be able to travel independently , but that is currently not an option for me.

Darkside12410 karma

Where would you like to go to?

socialworkswimmer34 karma

Japan and the UK primarily

rabidstoat3 karma

Have you been traveling with assistance any?

socialworkswimmer6 karma

Yes I have been to canada and many different states with the assistance of my dad.

isawbiodome47times16 karma

Did your mom have diabetes? I’m wondering the association with your diagnosis and mom w DM? It’s something we’ve learned.

socialworkswimmer31 karma

My mom did not have diabetes. We have done a lot of genetic testing and doctors have not found a reason for my diagnoses.

DrNugz14 karma

What's the best Christmas present you've ever received?

socialworkswimmer24 karma

I would say the best Christmas present I’ve ever received is my iPhone. I was 12 when I got an iPhone and I thought it was super cool. I still use my iPhone every single day!

lifesnotperfect6 karma

That's an awesome gift for a 12 year old. I'd be stoked!

socialworkswimmer7 karma

I definitely was very excited.

noronto14 karma

What is your go to pizza?

socialworkswimmer28 karma

Cheese pizza

Got2Go12 karma

What do you do for work? And do you allow yourself to have a good sense of humor about your disability? I wasnt born disabled but ended up that way. It took me time to accept my life was different going forward and i would likely be in pain the rest of it. I try to find the humor in it as best i can though.

socialworkswimmer27 karma

I’m a Good Life Ambassador so I give presentations about disability etiquette and disability awareness. Yes I allow myself to have a good sense of humor. It has helped me so much. I think humor is the best method along with accepting your disability.

Got2Go7 karma

Oh cool so your disability is also a big part of your job. I agree about the humor. It took me awhile to get there, until i did i was rather angry about it but once i accepted everything and started laughing about the dumb things it causes i became a much happier, healthier person.

socialworkswimmer10 karma

Yes my disability definitely affects my job a lot by sharing my lived experiences. I’m so glad that you have accepted your disability!

preme8212 karma

Did you ever think so many people would think you're this cool? And do you help those that may deal with depression because of their disability? You seem like you've learned to adapt pretty well

socialworkswimmer15 karma

Thank you so much. That is so nice of you. I do try to help those who have depression due to their disability. I try to encourage them and show them that they can do things. My parents and my family are my biggest supporters and they have always believed in me.

helpmeplox_xd2 karma

Have you ever struggled with depression?

socialworkswimmer2 karma

I would say yes, in 2014 when I was 13, but I have been blessed with a great therapist and I’m doing so much better now.

Darkside12412 karma

How many people don't care at all about your disabilities compared to people who made a thing out of it?

socialworkswimmer35 karma

I would say that majority of people don’t make a huge thing about it. I think people once they get to know me get more comfortable with my disability, and start to not notice it.

Darkside12410 karma

Sounds like it works for you mostly :) That's how it should be!

socialworkswimmer16 karma

Yes absolutely!

bwataneer12 karma

Do you do any work outs or exercising?

socialworkswimmer29 karma

Yes, I do adaptive workouts with an adaptive sports organization and my main focus of exercise is by shoulder.

socialworkswimmer24 karma

My shoulder not by shoulder

queensara3311 karma

Do you have any advice for when you get frustrated you can't do something, specifically the upper body or energy wise?

I have very little use of my right hand amongst many other things including neurological issues and lately I've been really frustrated with the tons of things I can't do( or finish )because of my disabilities. A lot of able bodied people say things that just feel like empty platitudes because they don't have a clue what it's like, and they love to be all "you're inspirational, I couldn't do that" and it's exhausting. By" that", I mean existing. We don't have a choice.

I'm glad you did this AMA. I wish I knew you in real life so we could have the chance to be friends because people who understand the physical struggles are few and far between.

I'm sorry if this is all really awkward, it's been a stressful night so I'm not the best at saying my thoughts right now.

socialworkswimmer11 karma

It is completely understandable to be frustrated, and I definitely understand that. I definitely get frustrated sometimes with things that I cannot do. I’ll let myself be frustrated, and then I remind myself that I’m doing the best I can. The fact that you attempt to do things matters. I know how frustrating it can be though. We still can be Internet friends. I’d be happy to talk with you.

queensara335 karma

Thank you for saying that the fact we attempt things matters especially... My family has always been "you can do things exactly like anyone else" but it's simply not true because when I fail I'm told I'm not trying hard enough when I just can't push myself past go and am giving 100%. Like I think I know my own limits better than others, but it still gets to me even though I know they're trying to be encouraging ( if ignorant!)and I struggle not to be jealous and bitter even with many years of therapy. Growing up like this all your life is a blessing and a curse because we know nothing else. Maybe it would feel more cruel if we did know what it was like to be able bodied.i don't know.

I would love to be internet friends! I'm 22f and this post reminded me I'm not alone and that was a priceless gift when I'm feeling more and more useless because I keep falling behind in so many expectations, plus maybe we can swap stories and things. Like is it hard to lift yourself up out of the wheelchair one armed to get on the toilet? I don't have one yet but I broke bones in my feet a few times and I wouldn't be surprised if it happens again plus for really long trips I've been begging for years to get a wheelchair for when it's too much( I basically was even more dependent on my parents then I already was and it sucked). And I don't have anyone to ask these sort of questions, most of the physically disabled people I know have their arms and hands unaffected or I hear it's rude to ask even though I'm just trying to know what to expect? I've lost a lot of stamina in the past couple years as more life expectations grew and I used to have a walking brace but it doesn't work for me anymore... I just want to be prepared because I know my body will need to rely on one one day. I want to get involved with disability advocacy groups but I'm still trying to figure that out.

I do have two adorable bunnies and they make me feel like I have a purpose though:)

socialworkswimmer7 karma

Of course. Yes, you know your limits more than anyone else. I’m also 22. I’m going to message you.

mangagirl079 karma

Do you have any hobbies? How do you like to spend your time?

socialworkswimmer26 karma

I like to play Sims four. I love to make TikTok’s. I like to hang out with my friends. I like to watch Netflix. I like to talk to my friends.

Skcuszeps5 karma

What platform do you prefer for gaming? What peripherals do you use to make controlling them possible? Have you ever looked into or used the Xbox adaptive controller?

Top 5 games?

socialworkswimmer16 karma

I prefer my PC for gaming. I just use the regular keyboard and mouse pad. I have looked into the Xbox adaptive controller, but I have not used it. Top five games. 1. Sims four. 2. Sims three. 3. Sims two. 4. Wii sports 5. Professor Layton series.

Skcuszeps4 karma

I absolutely loved professor Layton games on my Nintendo DS! Never did get into the sims much. #pcmasterrace

socialworkswimmer7 karma

Yes, the professor Layton games were so good. That is completely okay.

jackk2252 karma

whats your fav sims expansion pack

socialworkswimmer10 karma

Get to work is my favorite expansion pack because I like the doctor career.

Fruscione8 karma

How is your relationship with you parents & family members?

socialworkswimmer22 karma

I have a good relationship with my parents. I have a good relationship with my family. I have two siblings who are younger than me and they are both able-bodied. I am a very proud big sister.❤️

Abracadabra-B8 karma

I just want to say, having read all your comments, you seem like a genuinely amazing human being! Thank you for being a light in a world that is slowly going dark. I just gotta ask, why no country music?

socialworkswimmer8 karma

Thank you so much. I appreciate that. I don’t have a real reason. Other than it just doesn’t really interest me. I’ve tried it though.

GeneJuggler6 karma

What does your typical day involve?

socialworkswimmer12 karma

My typical day involves either going to work or going on zoom meetings for the different things I’m involved in. I go to an adaptive sports organization a few times a week. I go to doctor appointments occasionally.

Mrgray1236 karma

Is there any impact on general life expectancy?

socialworkswimmer23 karma

Generally, there is not any impact on general life expectancy I have gone through sepsis a few times due to different infections, however I hope to live a very long time.

dmtz_6 karma

I don't mean this in a mean way so chill with the down votes but do you ever wish you weren't born?

socialworkswimmer13 karma

Also to everybody else, please don’t downvote. It was a valid question just like the other questions on here.

socialworkswimmer11 karma

No, I don’t ever wish I wasn’t born. I feel lucky to have the life I live, and I feel like I was made this way for a purpose.

alsinmh5 karma

Your life outlook is inspiring. Thank you for sharing your experiences with others! I work in a rehab setting with mostly patients who were previously able bodied, but are newly disabled due to illness or injury. Do you have any advice or words of wisdom for when things get hard?

socialworkswimmer10 karma

Thank you so much. I appreciate that. I would say things may be hard right now but things will get better. I encourage them to get involved with the disability community as that is very important. There’s a lot of adaptive sports out there they could get into. I would tell them that they’re not alone, and there are resources for them out there to continue living their best life.

mattsc20055 karma

What are your hobbies?

Do you have a sense of humor? (Like have you done any interesting pranks or halloween costumes?)

socialworkswimmer10 karma

I like watching medical dramas. I like hanging out with friends. I like being involved in the disability community. I like playing Sims four. I do have a sense of humor as I make a lot of jokes about having no legs. Most people just stare at me instead of laugh, when I make those jokes. I would rather them laugh at my jokes. I make a lot of different jokes about my spinal conditions. So I definitely have a sense of humor.

Cyndaquil5 karma

What's it like living with other people with disabilities? Do they have similar disabilities to you? Do you like the people you live with? Did you get to choose who you live with?

socialworkswimmer6 karma

I enjoy living with other people that have disabilities. It’s a understanding that many people don’t have and you get to share resources with your roommates that they may not know about. They do have similar disabilities. I do like all my roommates. The local county board helped me find my house, so I got to meet them during a house tour. I then decided to move in.

jackk2252 karma

Do you all help each other with different tasks? And do y’all have additional assistance from anyone else who doesn’t live there for daily activities?

socialworkswimmer5 karma

The caregivers mainly help us with our tasks. One of my roommates opens the door for me. The caregivers don’t live here. They just come to work. Mainly the caregivers are there for daily activities. Thank you so much for asking.

irohazakastrike5 karma

What kind of music do you listen to? You said in another comment that your wheelchair's speed is up to 6 miles per hour (I think). If it had no speed limit, how fast do you think you'd go?

socialworkswimmer13 karma

I like to listen to all music except country. I apologize country fans. I think I would like to go probably 20 mph.

jdehjdeh5 karma

If you could change one thing about society or the world around you to make your life or the lives of all disabled people better, what would it be?

socialworkswimmer31 karma

I would raise the amount of money that you can make as a disabled person who receives Social Security, so that you’re not constantly in poverty. I would also pay caregivers way more than they get because I rely so much on my caregivers and they deserve a livable wage. I realize that’s two things.

NoWillPowerLeft6 karma

I have friends on Disability Support here in Ontario. The tiny amount they are expected to survive on is embarrassing. To eat healthily they have to rely on food support from friends and family or food banks. And that was before the crazy rent inflation going on here.

socialworkswimmer2 karma

I am so sorry to hear that. I will send lots of positive vibes their way. I have always enjoyed Canada when I was visiting, so this makes me sad to hear.

recessionjelly5 karma

Thanks for doing the AMA! Are there any policy changes that would make your life substantially easier? How can government better support disabled people?

socialworkswimmer9 karma

Raising the amount of money that a disabled person could make without getting their Social Security taken away. Allowing wheelchairs to go on the plane. Increasing the pay for caregivers. Expanding healthcare.

LowSkyOrbit4 karma

My niece has CRS and is getting into her teens. What's the best advice you can give her as she gets older?

socialworkswimmer19 karma

The best advice that I could give is to find her group of supportive friends. I would tell her that she is perfect the way she is. I would tell her that it is okay some days to be upset about your disability because that’s normal. I would encourage her to learn more about her medical history so she would be ready when she turns 18. I would tell her just to put herself out there and see what she’s interested in. I’m sending lots of positive vibes her way and I’m always here just a message away.

JoBe20004 karma

What is your favorite movie?

socialworkswimmer13 karma

Annie (all the versions).

OkNectarine31054 karma

Is there a question that you expected that nobody has asked yet?

socialworkswimmer2 karma

If my siblings were able-bodied, was the question that I was expecting. A lot of people are surprised when I told them that my siblings do not have disabilities.

Sinophil4 karma

Hello. Do you have any crush? If yes what do you like about them?

socialworkswimmer7 karma

I don’t have a crush currently!

high_af_on_science3 karma

Reading through this: your positivity and mental strength is truly inspiring, I hope you continue to help others and always live your best life.

Also do you have any long term career/life goals?

socialworkswimmer2 karma

Thank you so much. My long-term goals are to help the disability community as much as I can. Work a full-time job and be able to support myself. I want to have a family someday.

NoWillPowerLeft3 karma

What do you do when you get an itch somewhere out of reach?

socialworkswimmer5 karma

I ask my caregivers for help or try to use what’s around me to itch.

NoWillPowerLeft5 karma

The goofy part of me was wondering if they trained service animals for that yet.

socialworkswimmer3 karma

Haha they probably could!

junkerwoland3 karma

What’s your sex?

socialworkswimmer11 karma

I was assigned female at birth and I identify as a girl. I use she/her pronouns

Ok-Feedback56043 karma

How do you manage to do ordinary daily stuff?

socialworkswimmer5 karma

My caregivers do most of my daily living activities. I can drive my wheelchair by myself. I can go out in public by myself. I can transfer myself in and out of my wheelchair. I can eat by myself. I can use my phone and computer by myself.

Ok-Feedback56042 karma

So where did you learn it(do daily stuff by own)(any therapist trained you for this?)

socialworkswimmer3 karma

Physical and occupational therapy. I’ve been in physical therapy since I was 18 months old. I’ve been in occupational therapy since I was three years old.

smiles__3 karma

Therr is a Star Trek DS9 episode titled 'Melora'. It has some problems still (made in the 90s), but I was reminded of it because I was reading this articleabout disability and Star Trek .

Have you seen this episode? May not be your jam, but curious.

socialworkswimmer3 karma

I have not watched it but I’m definitely interested. I’ll have to read the article as well. Thank you so much for letting me know.

smiles__3 karma

I hope you find it all worth the time!

socialworkswimmer3 karma

I most definitely will.

drunkerbrawler2 karma

What was your mom's prenatal health like?

socialworkswimmer2 karma

My mom’s prenatal health was good. My parents found out that I had disabilities when they were 16 weeks pregnant with me.

Suzzie_sunshine2 karma


socialworkswimmer34 karma

Yes I sure am naturally left handed by default.

ProfessorPickaxe2 karma

What are the biggest sources of inspiration in your life?

socialworkswimmer5 karma

The biggest sources of inspiration in my life are the disability advocates that have advocated for people with disabilities long before I was even born. I’m really passionate about children’s healthcare, so I love getting to share my story. My dad because he works so hard for our family. Also, the many doctors and many nurses that have kept me alive. These last 22 years is definitely a big source of inspiration.

ProfessorPickaxe2 karma

Great answers :D. You seem like a really happy and levelheaded person, best of luck in your career & future in general.

socialworkswimmer3 karma

Thank you so much. I appreciate that.

Onepopcornman2 karma

Have you ever seen the Documentary Crip Camp (on Netflix). The film spends a lot of time covering the creation and work of disability activists towards the ADA (particularly Judy Heumann). Some very cool old footage and contemporary interviews.

socialworkswimmer2 karma

I have seen the documentary Crip camp, and I absolutely love it. I have seen the documentary three times. It is a wonderfully done documentary that means a lot to me.

fertdingo2 karma

What kind of music do you enjoy?

socialworkswimmer3 karma

I like pop music, Indie, music, alternative music. I like instrumental music.

Zeidra2 karma

Would you consider your left arm as strong? Like, can you lift your entire body with it?

socialworkswimmer2 karma

I can transfer myself so I would consider that strong.

BuffyTheMoronSlayer2 karma

Which places are the most accessible for you and which places are the least accessible? I had a friend in high school with disabilities and there were certain movie theatres that were not ADA compliant (This was the 80s)

socialworkswimmer2 karma

I would say that most places are pretty accessible. I have run into a few restaurants that aren’t accessible. I am very grateful for all the advances we have come with so far with accessibility.

drum_playing_twig2 karma

If you could be healthy and have all your limbs for one day, what are some of the activities and things you would like to do?

Imagine money not being an issue.

socialworkswimmer2 karma

I would like to drive myself somewhere. I would like to be able to go to the bathroom by myself. I would like to try hopscotch and jump rope. I would like to play soccer.

Corporation_tshirt2 karma

How are things going in your life? Did you have a nice Thanksgiving? Are you looking forward to Christmas? Hope you are happy and well.

socialworkswimmer2 karma

Thank you so much. I would say things in my life are going pretty well. My Thanksgiving was very nice, and I am very excited for Christmas. Thank you so much. I am happy and doing well.

Corporation_tshirt2 karma

That’s great to hear! You seem like a very kind, happy, and positive person and it seems like your life is going “swimmingly” :D

socialworkswimmer2 karma

Thank you so much!

Maddie_hippychick2 karma

So awesome!

Ok. A couple questions. First, what music do you listen to?

Second, you should look into training for a career in User Experience Design. The discipline requires a high degree of empathy, and I can tell from your writing that you would be a natural. We certainly need more practitioners in the field with first-hand experience with accessibility issues. Oh, did I mention that it pays really well?

I guess that was really only one question and a bit of advice, but I mean well. Lol

socialworkswimmer2 karma

Thank you. I like to listen to Pop music primarily along with other types of music, such as instrumental, music, and indie music. I will look into that career. I have not heard of that before. Thank you so much for letting me know.

Maddie_hippychick2 karma

You’re Killin’ it! Keep goin’!

socialworkswimmer2 karma

Thank you so much!

kale4reals2 karma

Does your disability cause you physical pain or discomfort or do you feel normal?

socialworkswimmer2 karma

My disability only causes physical pain if I’m in my wheelchair for like 12 hours. My hips mainly hurt if I’ve been on my hips all day.

twofoottorpedo2 karma

Hi there. Growing up as a toddler, what were your thoughts on your disabilities? What effect did looking at other kids doing things you couldn't do have on your mindset? Thank you.

socialworkswimmer2 karma

I did not notice my disability until I was four years old. I definitely remember thinking the answer that I was born this way was a bit boring, but I was four years old at the time. I would say that I definitely wasn’t upset about the other kids and what they could do until I was about 13. My parents were very supportive and I was involved with the disability community from the age of three on.

woundtighter1 karma

Do you like living in a group home? Are you in the United States? Was it difficult to find one you liked?

socialworkswimmer1 karma

I do like living in a group home. I am in the United States in Ohio specifically. This is my second group home I have been in. Thankfully, my support administrator was very helpful finding me a group home.

pseet1 karma

What are some of your hobbies? Any sports? Board games?

socialworkswimmer1 karma

I used to swim competitively. I like to play video games. I like to hang out with friends. I do like boardgames, especially the Game Of Life. I like to make TikTok’s.

atx1911 karma

Are there any prosthetic related developments that you're following? If so, would you opt to go for them? I've heard of neural network integration for new generation prosthetic limbs

socialworkswimmer3 karma

I would love to try prosthetics again one day but right now I don’t see it as a current option. I am hopeful for what the future has but I’m grateful for the wheelchair. I think I would only opt for it if it was exponentially better than a wheelchair.

atx1912 karma

Thanks for the answer! You mentioned "again" so I'm assuming you've used them in the past. Any details you're comfortable sharing with that?

socialworkswimmer3 karma

I can share. I had prosthetic legs for about two years from 2010 to 2012. I was nine years old when I started it. One of the legs was Velcro’ed on because I did not have enough residual limb. The left leg was a normal socket. It was a lot of hard work and I eventually fell fracturing my arm so that ended my prosthetic journey.